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Santa delivered early a core to replace serve, the core not found on naim app, cannot add the ip address manually. The device does appear on the network under windows 10 and when i open windows media player but still not the app. Also have 2 x qutes and 1 x Super uniti on network that appear on the app (there is def only 1 network) I have restarted router and reinstalled app etc with no joy, it (core) just does not appear on app.Its is hard wired to network. Perplexed.

Any suggestions from the collective wisdom ? thanks all…

Check your firewall settings in windows for the new device.

Thanks popeye…will try that tonight…

Hmm that didn’t work. I’ll try tech support after holiday.

Perhaps @davidhendon can suggest some other course of action?

In the app, on the home screen, have you clicked on the top right + button and added the Core as a new room?

Thank you for the vote of confidence @Gazza !

The first thing that I wonder is whether the Core has an IP address. You could check whether it appears in the list of things with assigned IP addresses in your router by logging into the router. Or alternatively you could use a free network app like Fing or Net Analyzer and check if the Core appears there.

If it doesn’t then I wonder whether you have the same fault that I have seen a couple of times, including on my Core, where when you start it, the lights come on but nothing happens. I have found the way round that is to pull the mains plug out of the power socket and immediately plug it in again. Immediately meaning instantly, not even a couple of seconds of delay later. I suspect this is a faulty relay switching between the standby switched mode power supply and the normally operational linear supply. This might get you going until after Christmas when you could get your dealer to swap the unit.

If the Core does have an ip address, then it won’t be the power supply bug above. In that case my only advice is to turn everything off and restart it. Router first, then when that has settled the Core and when that has started up, any streamer and the iPhone or Android app. The Core should be found by the app either as a “set up a new unit” or “find my rooms”.

Regarding using Windows 10 to see the Core’s downloads folder, you must have SMB switched on in your Laptop, but it doesn’t need to be SMB1. The simplest way is to follow the instructions given for accessing the downloads folder in the on line advice on Naim’s website.

Of course the Core won’t have a downloads folder until you have assigned somewhere as the Music Store and you need the app to do that.




Actually you don’t need to do that. It will appear as a new room if the app sees it on the network. The only point about the “add new room” dialogue in regard to the Core is that it takes you through a setup process, but you can do that manually easily enough.

This is different to setting up a streamer where WiFi is involved of course, but the Core doesn’t use WiFi.


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Thanks Mike, yes I did that as well as manually adding Ip address.

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Thanks David, yes there is an IP address, I can see the device in the “media devices” area of the network.It also appears as a computer on the network.

Happy Xmas !

Happy Xmas!

So let’s just check some basics. You are using the Naim app and not n-serve? You won’t see the Core in n-serve. And this is on an iPhone I presume? But is it in fact an iPhone? And with a recent IOS version?



Hi Dave. Yes naim app on a recently updated iPhone. I have an I pad also that hadn’t been updated and it doesn’t appear on that either.

The Naim app works fine on iPhone and iPad and I have never heard of it not finding a Core (which is necessarily wired) if it can see streamers on the network. And as it’s two separate instances, it’s not the app having got itself into some state where it needs a restart or a delete and reinstall.

So that means, as you can see the Core on your network with your Windows PC, it must be a Core-related issue. The only thing you can try if a full power off restart hasn’t helped is to reset it to factory settings. You do this by pulling the power plug out, wait 30 secs or so, hold in the off/standby button on the front panel and plug the power in again, keeping the button depressed. After some moments the light by the front panel USB will flash and then you can let go the front panel button and let the Core finish restarting. Within say half a minute you should see it in the app and then you can do the setup which pretty well just involves telling it where to store rips, the so-called Music Store (normally the internal hard disc), and any Music Shares you want the scan to include.

An advanced version of that is to turn everything off including the router, turn the router on again, wait for it to fully restart then turn the Core, streamers and iPhone back on again. You probably should try this before factory resetting the Core.

If that doesn’t work, then I suggest taking it back to your dealer and get him to put it on their network and see whether they can see it in their app. If they can’t then it needs replacing by them immediately. If they can then it may be a weird thing with your network.



Thanks all for help - Issue was that Google Wifi was acting as DHCP server as was router. have removed G wifi and all good , will reinstall G wifi as the only thing pluged into router etc - that should work -

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