Core Issue - Album in wrong order

HI there - Not sure if anyone else with a Core has had this issue. I have an album I have dowloaded from Qobuz originally in WAV format, when I drop it into my download folder the tracks appear in the wrong order. I have deleted the album from the Core and downloaded in FLAC and I have exactly the same issue after dropping it. Any thoughts on how to address this?

I suspect this may be a Qobuz issue rather than a Core issue.

If you use a metadata editor like dBPoweramp, running on a pc looking at your downloads folder, you should be able to sort the metadata out so that the order is correct.



thanks David - that’s the strange thing the metadata is correct when I view it in the Core download folder on my Mac it is in the right order. I’ve tried re-building the library on the Core and that does not work either. Very strange.

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