Core - manual metadata input not clearing "artist"

I have a few rips now of “Various” artist CD’s, that I can not change the original metadata. So the manual input of Track name and Artist is stored satisfactorily, BUT below each track the incorrect Artist remains. Its as though there is a second level of metadata which is fixed and cannot be removed.
I believe from memory they are both originally “Musicbrainz” sourced (the only metadata source available for these CD’s)
Has anyone come across this issue and achieved a solution?

A high risk solution, in that it should work but there are no guarantees, is to backup the music store, use a metadata editor to modify the album in the backup and then restore the backup. It should only restore the album that has changed and all should be ok.

Another safer approach is to copy the album in question from the music store and save it into your downloads folder. Then delete the original album. Now use a metadata editor to sort out your problem. You can operate on it in the downloads folder. No need to pull it out, modify it and put it back. The Naim app picks up changes in the downloads folder within a minute or so.

David Thanks for reply, I wondered at one point if I was going to get any response at all for this one, being perhaps a very rare occurrence.
I assume I establish access using laptop as you would for the download folder, but access “Music Store” folder to copy.
Any idea why this issue occurs in the first place?

Yes you can copy from the Music Store Music/MQ folder but you will find it is locked so you can’t alter anything there. Of course the Downloads folder is open and you can modify anything in that. The Core automatically scans and finds any changes you make in the downloads folder.

Why does it happen? If you rip a CD then it pulls the metadata from one of the metadata stores, Rovi and MusicBrainz in particular (not sure what the status of FreedB is these days). I think it’s either that between the producer submitting the metadata and MusicBrainz publishing it, there is a metadata handling glitch that sometimes has this effect or alternatively MusicBrainz occasionally get their API out of sync with Naim’s firmware and some odd things happen when the Core looks up an album. There have been problems with MusicBrainz recently and as far as I know, these are not fully resolved (as Naim said they would let us know when that was the case).

Anyway if it happens only occasionally then I suggest just put it down to being “one of those things”. OCD in metadata organisation is a recipe for not enjoying the music!

Thanks for information - I also saw the recent post about issues with metadata producers and wondered where this had got to.
Your right about metadata OCD and just enjoy the music instead!

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