Core, Melco or Innuos Zenith

When will you have the most important component Steve, the Nd555?
I am curious how you will find it , vs your past Cd555.
Do you have 2 X ER , or 1, and Sean Jacobs ps ?

Hi @frenchrooster, tomorrow hopefully. Its been a long time coming for sure! I bought the Nova to use in my home office with the Melco and ER (plus catsnakes) and its been great. I have a Sean Jacobs CH3 that he kindly leant to me to use with the D100 for ripping. Mine should be ready in about 2 weeks. I have gone for a custom one with 3 outlets. The cost is quite high but divided by 3 its not too bad. I only have 1x ER so far. I will use the CH3 for the ER and D100 to start with and then maybe add another ER to see what difference it makes. After the ND555 has settled down (I plan to use the old CD555 burndies and 555DR’s) I will probably experiment with cables a little but not for some time yet.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the sound in the office system without the ER. The sound was better with the Melco plugged directly into the Nova, not loads but a bit vs over the network.

I suspect there are A LOT of settings on the ND555 to get it optimised!

Hi I’m exactly in the same place looking for “Core, Melco or Innuos”. I have decided to…wait! What I need:

  1. ideally a one box (Ok excluding a ps) that also does cd ripping (excludes melco)
  2. connects to my nd 555 through ethernet cable (excludes core), no remote streaming
  3. could be used as roon core (I do not want to add another box)…excludes 3 of them
    For the latter I undertand Innuos is roon compatible but yet not “roon core”

So ultimately I am waiting for a new product from any of the 3 companies, hoping Naim will surprise us all!

You can use roon core on Innous without a problem! Enable it via GUI, add roon core license, done:-)
And you can Innous run as roon endpoint as well.

Hi T, thanks! I’m not too familiar with the topic…could you please help me understand what GUI is? What I understood so far is that Innuos doesn’t allow Roon to run “perfectly” as there may be some interferences since they do not have a full “certification”…could anyone elaborate if this is correct? And what does a Roon endpoint do?

A GUI is a ‘Graphical User Interface’ I guess what the post above means is you can make this setting in the menu system/settings on the unit. You may or may not need to access these settings via a computer on the network or an app. It seems that the it may do the job for you though which is good!

The Melco ripper is not often kept with the servers and only brought out to do ripping duties from what I hear. I plan, once my ripping is complete to leave it turned off/removed from my rack until I need to do a batch again. Melco seem to be developing a Roon endpoint option. Knowing Melco they want it to be perfect though so its experiencing delays.

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Thank you. This indeed seems very integrated! In my case which of the 3 options applies: Ideally I want Roon only as a music library to manage my storage, yet all the sounds should come from the nd555 through ethernet connection. For me Roon is the way to complement the excellent sound by interesting informations/suggestions but not to play any role in the Sound Chain…so how would this have to be expressed correctly?

Tomorrow great day so !
You will be in heaven.
I don’t think there is a lot of settings in the Nd555 , from what I know.
You will have to enable all imputs in the Nd555, to optimal performances.
And the Nd555 needs a free Naim shelf under it too. On top of the Fraim.
Will read you very soon.

You have the Antipodes DX and DS. Storage, ripper, Roon Core, one box. ( 3k and 8k for Dx).

Specs ( DS):

Designed to run demanding Music Server apps and manage large music libraries with ease, but to play through separate renderers . Currently the only Server app that needs/benefits from this level of power is Roon Server. Sound quality is enhanced by using a digital-audio-optimised DS CORE instead of a standard computer

The quality of a separate Server and of the network connecting it to your renderers matters a great deal. The design goal of the DS CORE is to eliminate electronic noise entering your renderer and polluting the rest of your audio system, but you will also need to ensure your network design and implementation is of good quality. This is why the goal with the DS CORE is to be silent, both acoustically and electronically, so that you can place it with your renderer in your main system, enabling short high quality Ethernet cabling

Power. The DS CORE uses a full desktop Quad Core i5 CPU. We do not use the low-powered, cut-down (often only two cores) i-series CPUs commonly used in laptops, notebooks and NUCs. Software, database and cache are on lightning fast M.2 solid state plugged direct to the DS CORE main board. Supplied with ODAPS linear power supply (230v)

Hi yes it seems to fit the bill…but the Antipodes doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the short list…what about the SQ, would it be in the same league as Melco/Innuos?

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By the way I just tried their website…they seem to have changed their whole range now?

Yes, they have developed a new power supply (Oladra), so used this as the catalyst to change the product names.

The K series is new.

The S series maps across as follows: S40 = the old CX, S30 = the old EX, S60 = the new Oladra power supply for the S40 and/or S30.

In terms of performance, the old CX was roughly comparable (but not the same!) as an Innuos Zenith III but with the option of adding an EX. The two together took you into Innous Statement type territory, or so the story goes.

If running Roon core, the CX was just about okay, though not popular with Roon. The EX was not up to it.

Hope this helps, BF

  1. enable roon - as you said- here option 3 as “core”
  2. connect it via ethernet to ND555
  3. you need another roon “control” SWwhere you choose your music- like ipad running roon or desktop (mac)…this is a free of charge SW
  4. ND555 pops up in roon as “endpoint” - that means you play music from roon core (Innuos) to ND555
    that’s it:-)
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I really wanted to go the Naim Core route when moving on from the Raspberry Pi setup, but given I mainly stream and the user issues i avoided it.

The Melco and Innuos both on paper offered allot more functionality.

It is a shame the Naim Core hasn’t more functionality, given Naim source first approach, or maybe Naim view is you cannot better a good ripped file.

If you already have Melco N10 including 2x555 ps,than you need also to add Nd555 …you’ll never go back

I don’t know Nestor. They have a good reputation but haven’t heard. Alain Choukroun Paris sells that brand.

Given your commitment to Roon, why not just run a dedicated Roon Core device? You can run it on all sorts of hardware, but if you want something reassuringly expensive, a Roon Nucleus (with optional PSU upgrades) should fit the bill. No additional baggage like UPnP servers, just a Roon Core plus storage.

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@frenchrooster activate all inputs? Really? I like to have minimal clutter so thats the first thing thats turned off normally! Do you mean the 4 digital ones or all the stuff like blutooth, spotify, chromecast, airplay etc??

Anyway its installed, probably not optimally but l use medium shelves for space. 552 is on top, nd555 is second shelf up with the melco below and 500 head above but with medium shelves there is almost a standard shelf between on both sides. Cable dressing is a pain and this config works for that! SL xlrs are super short as well so reaching the 552 ps on top is hard work!

Sound is good out of the box, not worse than the cd555, probably overall better already but the CD555 should not be under estimated.

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This is the direction I’m going in. Roon was slowing down at times (on my QNAP NAS), the cpu was maxing out. So, decided it was time to move it to its own server. However, didn’t fancy the £ of the Roon Nucleus.

So, I’ve now ordered an Intel NUC7i5… along with 8gb ram and a fanless case. I have a spare 500gb pcie m.2 SSD, I’ll use that for the Roon OS Rock. I’ll be using a 1TB USB3 thumb drive for storing the files. Easier to update and means it can come with me. This for a fraction of the cost of the Roon Nucleus with better specs.