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A while ago I inserted 99.9% of the relevant artwork (these were all downloads), so left me showing approx 5/6 without artwork, this has expanded to 12 albums (all maybe new downloads but can’t say 100%) when I look in the section which notes ‘no album cover’. Howver, when I go into an artist, Miles Davis as an example I have 42 albums with no artwork showing and none of these are in the 12 with the no album cover section…

Help, advice welcomed…

I’m no great expert but in the absence of any other response, when this happens to me (it does from time to time, usually after the internet has been playing up - love you BT), just unplugging the Core for 5 minutes then firing it back up seems to restore the artwork - though not always immediately.

If the on/ off does not work a rescan of the database might help?

Gazza do you mean the rebulidbthe database function?

Gazza does mean the “rebuild the database” option in the app. But I think restarting the Core is the first thing to try because it’s a computer and if a computer doesn’t do what you expect you restart it right? No need to wait 5 minutes though. 10 seconds after you pull the mains power should do. But this has to be a full restart not just a wake up from network sleep, so taking the mains right off is the way to be sure.

Then if that doesn’t bring back the artwork, I agree that rebuilding the index is the next thing to try.



Thanks all, tried the unplugging to no avail. So rebuild the database is next.

Thanks David, i am on vacation and 5 hours behind.


Dominican Republic…very nice, would recommend, the people are wonderful

One of my daughters and her family went there late last year. They loved it and kept sending us photos of the kids on the beaches, in the sea, round the pool etc. Quite a contrast to what we had here…

The the database rebuild, partially successful, I.e updated some but not all, for example artwork for Billie Holiday was now complete, however, Miles Davis still gaps. Off the check all 977 artists and see where the real gaps are.

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