Core Name can prevent it from appearing on network (MacOS)

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum as I’m setting up my new Atoms and Core ( really enjoying them ). I could not get the Core to show up in my Mac Finder, so I read through quite a few posts from people who have had similar problems, and I’ve worked through several of the helpful solutions that were suggested.

How to start afresh with Uniti Core

My Core still would not show up, but I discovered that the problem was caused by the name that I gave it - eg Fred’s Office (Core) . Once I removed the brackets and apostrophe - Office Core- it appeared immediately and I could access the Downloads folder etc. Not sure if anyone else christened their Core in such fashion, but hope this helps someone !

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting this info. The Naim app really should not allow such characters in the unit’s name because they are not valid in hostnames

The Internet standards (Request for Comments) for protocols specify that labels may contain only the ASCII letters a through z (in a case-insensitive manner), the digits 0 through 9 , and the hyphen-minus character (’-’)

From Hostname - Wikipedia

His problem wasn’t with the Naim app, but with Finder in his Mac, as I understand it?

Well yeah, but it does not seem to make sense that the app allows characters in hostnames that are bound to create access problems when used from other devices on the network, such as Finder on a Mac, because they don’t conform to hostname naming standards.

(If the Core is like the NDX2, the name given in the app is also provided to the router, to be used as a DNS name on the local network. It should therefore conform to the relevant naming standard)

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I think Naim is on a bit of a loser here because they used to not allow non-alphanumeric characters in Tidal usernames and that caused problems for a few customers, so they had to change that……

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As someone who has suffered at the hands of non standard characters, the elongated Microsoft dash from Word looking at you, limiting the character set to ones that don’t have operating system use is sensible.

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