Core playing cd’s

Is it at all possible that the Core could , by the way of a firmware update, be configured to behave as a “player”?
If not why not ?
The Star can rip and play…the Unitiserve can rip and play…so why the change for the Core ?

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But the core does rip and (then) play
Just from it’s hard drive?

Is there an issue with that?

No issue…l have a Core…just genuinely interested as to why the play functionality was removed.

The core is a “put in a cupboard out of sight” unit… well that’s where mine is…
So not very convenient or attractive as a disc spinner

Reality is it could. Or should. It’s only a fancy ( perhaps not even that fancy) ripper and HD. And you have to supply your own HD.
I’m guessing that most just have it sitting somewhere on their network, rather than in their rack? Or at least somewhere convenient for ripping. Not sure if the Teac drive us anything fancy, or just readily available and at a modest cost.
Reality is, as I soon discovered, it’s a ripper in a fancy Naim branded box. My PC and NAS does what it does cheaper.
Currently streaming some Prince in 44/16 from the NAS. Sounding good. And yes, I have a cd5si too.
But currently too lazy to feed it with disks!

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