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Hi there…I have just ripped the 2018 version of Animals into the Core…the app says successfully ripped , when I go to newest music the album is not there !
As I have an older version already on the Core will the new version have over written the old one ? ( which is still showing in the library)
Question therefore …how do I rip the new version without this happening ?
Any ideas would be welcome.

Yes it likely will have overwritten the original rip.

A work around for this is to rip one of them, then copy and paste it into the downloads folder. Now rip the other one. The second rip will overwrite the first rip, but not affect the copy you have put in the downloads folder.

After the Core has indexed you will be able to see both and you can edit the name of the second one you ripped, using the Naim app, to remind you which is which.

Thanks for the reply David…solved this in another way…I noticed that the cover artwork on the original rip was wrong along with the name… the look up service when first ripped listed the album as part of a box set…so I re -ripped the original ,which did not over write the 2018 version , changed the artwork and title…both are now in the library!

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