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Hi as a new CORE owner I just wondered if anyone had found a way of deleting an individual item from its internal storage? I imported an item then found it imported three versions - studio master - CD quality and MP3. I would like to loose the CD and MP3 versions, and ideas please.

Hi David h1, welcome to the forum. It’s a very friendly and helpful group and I’m sure you’ll enjoy being part. I delete files from the drive in my Core via my Mac, as they are all connected on the same network, via finder. If on a windows pc, use file explorer.

It depends whether they are CD rips that the Core did and are the Music/MQ folder or something that you have imported and has been put by the Core into the downloads folder.

If it’s a rip done in the Core then you must use the Naim app to delete it.

But if it’s in the downloads folder then you use a PC or Mac as Chris says and just delete it from the downloads folder. The Core will re-index the changes in a few minutes.



Thanks Chris, sounds a sensible way to go. Will try later today.

Thanks David, they were downloads onto the PC and then imported, will try your suggestions later. Sounds hopeful, I was going at it from the manage music in the CORE settings, makes sense to try it from the PC end.

Thanks for your post David, as almost all my music on the Core is from downloads, I hadn’t considered the route for deleting ripped CDs. I will remember that for the future.

Thanks Chris, the one I am trying to delete was a download rather than a CD rip. Tried your suggestion yesterday afternoon, found the Core on file explorer (connected by Ethernet cable) OK but when I double clicked it just took me to a web page, totally black and blank apart from the web address line so couldn’t get any further. Was wondering about getting a USB lead and connecting the PC to the front USB port on the Core with that, is that what you do?

Hi Chris, bit more progress this morning, this time it found the Core properly and showed all the contents including the two items that I would like to delete. Tried selecting the item and pressed “delete” both on keyboard and heading but nothing happened at all, also tried to drag into the trash folder and it wouldn’t do that either so a bit short of idea’s now.

Sorry you’re still having difficulties. If you find the list of music files on the core via your pc, highlight the file/folder you want to delete, click it once, don’t open it, and I think you can then right-click it and select delete. That works for me.

I am in the process of ripping 1000+ Classical Music CDs. (Before moving-on to other genres.)
The metadata is very irregular, with the “Artist” field containing either the Composer’s or a Performer’s name.
The spelling of the Composer’s name is very irregular. I want to clean-up file names, and move album folders into the correct Composer folder, etc.
For Johann Sebastian Bach, for example, I have ripped audio files in 3 different Uniti Core folders so far with variations on his name. (His music has ended-in other folders, as well, for Performer’s names).
I am running Windows 10. There are permission errors when I attempt to move the album folders, and their files, from one “Johann Sebastian Bach” folder to another.

If I am reading this thread correctly, there is no way to get around those error messages, and I can ONLY move and rename ripped files via the Naim App, and NOT on the Desktop. Is that correct?
If so, the value of the Uniti Core as a CD ripper/cataloging tool is greatly reduced.

I have had my Uniti Core for exactly one week. This file handling issue is the first major disappointment I have had with this product. I hope that someone can give me some enlightenment, and set me on the right path.

Thank you.

You can only edit metadata for rips made by the Core using the Naim app. You shouldn’t be able to edit the rips with a PC and Naim warn that if you do edit them or move between folders etc you may break the indexing and in that instance you may have to re-format your music store and rip again from scratch.

You can edit metadata on files in the downloads folder with a PC though and in fact you can’t do that with the Naim app.


Thanks for that confirmation, David.

My Core is operating exactly the way you say it should.
I was expecting the Core to provide far more file naming/editing capabilities for CD ripping than it does.
I had discussed this detail with my vendor.

I agree that the Core does seem even more limited than its predecessor in the way it handles metadata, which seems rather odd given Naim’s stated intentions when they first started to develop servers.
If you want a more versatile way to handle metadata, I would create a copy of the rip and add it to the Downloads folder. There, you can edit it in any way you like using third party software.

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Thanks, ChrisSU.

I started experimenting with copying the content from the Core to my NAS and editing it there. And that worked well.
I will try copying to the Downloads folder on the Core.

My vendor also offered to check-in with his contacts.

Feeling better about it all.

It’s a shame you need to faff around like this to get usable metadata, but at least it gives you some added flexibility. I guess you will want to delete the original rips from the MQ folder to eliminate duplicates.

Yes, I do want to delete. And, for the moment, that has to happen via the app.

But, my vendor seems hopeful that he can discover a way to change the privs on the \Music folder on Core, to avoid that detail. (I’ll report back if I get that info.)

You no doubt can change the privileges but you shouldn’t. They are like they are for a reason, not just to be annoying!
The copy to Downloads and edit there approach works fine. Just delete the old rip using the app of course.



Hi Chris;
Thanks for all the info, just tried your suggestion and no go, all the normal options are there apart from delete. I have just had a reply from Naim technical department and they say the only way to delete a file is to physically remove the SSD from the core, connect it directly to the PC and then delete. Apparently a protection to ensure that other music files are not deleted in error which I suppose is fair enough.
I will just live with the extra files, just take care to play the Studio Master version. Me and computers in general have always been the best of enemies, if it can go wrong it does with me so I do as little as possible.
I see that there is quite a lot of comment on metadata, quite a lot of mine is missing as well, not given that a visit, the dealer is coming back to sort a few other things so will try and get a tutorial from him at the same time, think I have got the rest of the Naim App navigation basically sorted out now, at least enough to play what I want.
All the best and thanks again;

@Richard.Dane I am surprised by this advice being given by Naim Support because it is totally wrong, as anyone who uses the downloads folder on a Core will know. What’s going on?


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Thanks David, I’ve flagged it up for Naim.