Core to sn3

Daft question here…is it possible to use a Core with sn3 and if so what interconnect should be used ?

No you will need at least a DAC in between.

Thanks…should have realised that !

No you can’t. The Core outputs a digital signal via the Ethernet or BNC output. So you need a DAC to receive the signal from the Core and output the analogue signal from the DAC to SN3. In the Naim system you would use the ND5XS3 or NDX2 network players, though there are lots of other options.

The core can output a local signal but it is via coaxial s/pdif. Therefore, you’ll need a suitable DAC. I use the Naim DAC and a Naim DC1 coaxial cable and they work very well together.

Was that at the Munich show?


Likewise Richard - great combo indeed

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When I first got my Core, in anticipation of an as yet unannounced new generation of streamers, I looked around for a relatively cheap DAC to feed its files to my 552 while I waited. My first trial was a Rega DACr but with a £100 Chord digital cable it sounded a bit boring so I tried a Chord 2qute with the next Chord digital cable up (they were shawline and clearway or some such but I forget which was which) that was livelier but a bit sterile. I was about to look for a Hugo but the price was getting higher than I liked for a temporary solution so I ordered the Rega DAC, I’d also ordered a ~£20 Belden 4974r 12G SDI cable after comments from Jon Honeyball on the forum comparing it favourably to the £400 Naim DC1? I arrived when I still had the 2qute and nearly rescued its sound, but not enough that I changed my mind. The Rega fed from this cable was a much more entertaining prospect, especially from filter 3. I’d nearly stopped using my CDX2/555ps altogether long before the ND555 arrived.

Thanks for the replies guys….this was prompted by me / the Nova having a meltdown yesterday…firmware update done ,half an hour or so unplugged all fine including the Core , sounding fine……then apparently no input from the Cd5si…tried everything…to no avail…so phoned the ever patient Darren at The Audio Room Hull.
To cut a long story short the wrong output was selected on the cd.
So on return home changed the output settings on the cd …but forgot Darren’s instructions to ensure the av pass through in the app is set to off…you can guess the rest …pressed play on the cd and all hell broke loose ! Max volume for 3-4 seconds!
Fortunately it seems no damage done apart from the ringing in my ears!
So normal service resumed…sounding mighty fine.
Just goes to show how careful you need to be when trying to solve problems!
All the best…Steve.

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I believe you could use the Core with a Supernait 1 (the one with the built in DAC). I don’t think the sound quality will be that much difference from a Supernait 3 (despite the “revelatory improvement” from SN1>SN2 and from SN2>SN3).
But it sounds like you fixed your little “mishap” … :hot_face:

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