Core - track description acceptability?

I have recently downloaded a classical album Flac 192khz and had an issue un-zipping the file. Windows - “File Path Too Long” - In order to allow un-zipping I required to delete some characters in the Zip File Title. All was well after shortening file description and un zipped. But on trying to load the album onto Core, tracks 9 & 10 only play for a few seconds before silence. I believed this may have been due to a faulty D/L. I re-down loaded the album from the web site and transferred to usb stick (I noted no issues with D/L progress either during initial D/L or transfer to usb stick (graphic window) . But during transfer from usb stick to Core , on tablet screen tracks 9 & 10 seemed to zip through very quickly. On checking tracks 9 & 10 - same result , music stops after a few seconds. I notice that tracks 9 & 10 have slightly longer track description. CAN YOU INFORM ME if the Naim Core has a limit for track description. To get over this I assume I could shorten the individual track descriptions before loading to usb from laptop?

In addition to this of course, I now have 2 D/L albums with incomplete music. I have not checked recently, but in order to use my laptop (Windows 10) to gain access to Core & D/L folder I will need to alter the security windows settings (lessen) which I am reticent in doing. So i am stuck with this second issue! Why does Naim not provide a delete for D/L’s in the App? I have also in the process of rechecking with the D/L Web site that the album is complete - but visual evidence of D/L process into Core suggests it a Core issue. HELP PLEASE

If audio data is missing the file size will be small, so presumably this will give an indication of whether or not it is intact before you copy it to the Core.

If it looks like it’s complete, will it work using non-Naim music playback software on your computer? If so, as a test you could give the Core access to the music files on the computer by making it into a Music Share, and see if that will enable the rogue tracks.

Hi Chris
Everything LOOKS ok up to loading it on Core (graphics of D/L & transfer to usb) - I will recheck the usb and play within Windows (I think I have done this already?) As for “Music Share” not very tech savy. How would I do this?

Regarding the security thing, you just have to enable the SMB1 sharing protocol in Windows, which has no relevant impact on security in a home network at all.
(Though I agree that a delete button in the app would be handy)

Regarding a faulty download, this is more or less impossible to be the cause in this case because the files were zipped. If the download of the zip file had been faulty, it would have caused an error already when you tried to unzip it. After a successful unzip operation, it is close to guaranteed that the files inside the zip are in the same state as they were when they were zipped up in the first place.

It’s of course possible that someone zipped up faulty files, that something is going wrong when you copy them to the Core, or that the Core has some issue that makes it stumble with these particular files.

What is the file size of the problematic files?
Can you play these files on Windows?
What is their file name? Are there any funny characters in the file name?

If you go to the Core in the Naim app you can get it to scan your network for available music folders which can be set up as music stores. It’s pretty straightforward. Instructions here:

Hi Suedkiez
Thanks for reply - Total File size is 2.36G The file size of the offending tracks are around 400Mb. There is another track earlier that is 500Mb. Nothing unusual in track description (other tracks have similar idents) the only apparent difference is both tracks have slightly longer length 4 & 6 longer than any of the others. Have not counted but estimate with spaces about 90 characters.

OK that sounds reasonable. As for the file name, you can right-click the file in Windows, choose “Rename”, copy the file name by holding the Ctrl key and pressing C, and then pasting it here with Ctrl and V. However, it does not sound as if that is the problem.

Other than that, I have unfortunately no idea because I don’t have a Core

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Sorry, absolutely no idea why. Some forum oddity perhaps. I am copy-pasting text into my comments all the time

Hi Chris - Tracks play ok using windows “player” - so I am wondering, its to do with track description length. Do you see any issue with deleting some of the characters for these two tracks before transfer to usb? OR does that alter file addressing and route ie. the track won’t know where it is supposed to be?
Perhaps ex tech support member might know about the track description? Contacting Naim support has not always been easy.

Before you go - could you itemise the way I go about changing the Windows protocol to SMB1 IF POSSIBLE.

I’m not sure if track length is the issue, but shortening it before transfer to the Core shouldn’t be a problem if you want to try it. If you need to restore it later just make a note of the exact text before you edit it so you are not burning your bridges.
I do find very long track titles a bit annoying and often shorten them. To me they are extended descriptions, not titles, and are often unnecessarily repetitive and just clutter up the screen.

Thanks for the advice.

Microsoft keep changing the placement of options in the user interface of Windows 10 (things that previously were in the Control Panel are being moved piece by piece to the new Settings panel), so it might look different now, but I suppose this guide should help:

Hold on! You don’t need SMB1 for the Core. So don’t start messing around with SMB. The Core works fine with SMB3.

Also the issue here is nothing to do with the Core. I believe it’s a filename and pathname length limitation in windows (260 characters max for the whole pathname/filename together). I forget the fix now, but it’s a fix you need to do at the windows PC end, not the Core end.

Hi David
Its about a couple of years ago, I asked about this protocol issue (will have to drag out the e-mails) The problem then was (I was informed by support) I could not connect with Core due to my windows protocol SMB (1 ,2 or 3 I fail to remember) I was very reticent in altering windows security. Will have to look at this issue - perhaps I NOW have access? Regarding the file length - windows does extract the files after shortening the Zip file name - so that obstacle seemed to have been cleared within windows?? But as you mention, perhaps further correcting needs to be done. If more information could be supplied regarding this by you/forum members, I would be grateful . Regards John

I’m not sure when the change to the Core’s software allowing any version of SMB happened, but it was years rather than months ago. It’s definitely fine with SMB3 now anyway.

I think if you change the path and filename down to something sensible then this should be fine to add to the downloads folder in the Core, either by cut and paste with a windows PC or Mac or by importing the music from a USB stick plugged into the Core.

I will delete some of the characters within the titles for tracks 9 & 10 and perhaps some of the other tracks, just in case its a cumulative thing - see what happens. Then reload onto usb and then plug into Core.
Will also check and see if the core is now accessible on windows 10 machine - hope so then I can delete these two “faulty” downloads from what I believe will be in the D/L Folder.

If you look on the Naim online guidance for the Core, it is largely pathetically unhelpful, but the method it gives for accessing the downloads folder does normally work. It’s simplest to use the IP address, although you can also use the Core’s network name, but what that is depends on whether you have renamed it.

So get the IP address for the Core by looking in the app - settings - about. Then go to Windows Explorer (which is not a browser incidentally) then type


And you should see the downloads folder contents on the screen. Note those are back slashes, not the more usual forward slash.

Hi David
Thanks for the info - standby if unable to access!