Core vs Unitiserve: worth upgrading to?

UnitiServe works well for me. My metadata needs are very simple, and any editing is done in a matter of minutes on either iPad or Mac using n-Serve. I rip to FLAC then let the US transcode to WAV for playback - sounds rather nice! I have a well specced Synology NAS running Asset which I use as my automated backup. Being honest, I can detect no difference between it and US on playback. I suppose I could sell the US and use just the NAS, but life is just so easy with Naim - pop disc in, 5 minutes later play music. Unlike many, I find the Naim apps and software intuitive and reliable.


I’m quite happy with my Unitiserve, but in your case, as you are using an SPDIF output into a DAC, I suspect you would get a nice uplift in sound quality from the Core with its linear PSU. Of course, whether the UI is any good for you is an important consideration, but maybe worth a demo.

My Unitiserve died for the 3rd time last week, and this time it had to be read the last rights. It was 7 years old.
I managed to get the data transferred to a new Uniti Core installed today. It is very early, obviously, but the sound quality is superb. Violent Femmes ripped CD track “Gone daddy gone” has more detail than the Serve. Specifically much clearer drums that I had not heard before. Interface on the iPad is excellent. Very happy camper, it is a better product than the serve sound wise so far, and excellent value for those, like me, who value the convenience of such a product.


Great feedback, The Core doesn’t get enough love on the forum, but you can’t beat it for sound quality, simplicity and independence from regular computers.


Yes, Mike, I think forums can exhibit a “groupthink” at times. For my needs it is a great product .

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You must ask your lovely cat to snuggle up to the Core for a new photo.

As you were saying Hugh.



Isn’t that one of the main benefits of US or Core over an alternative NAS; that you don’t have to mess around with your computer and installing software on it? You just stick the CD in and everything is done bit perfect. That was certainly the main attraction for me and, when my US dies, I’ll replace it with a Core.


Hi Dave
The other good thing about the Core is that it has better sound than the unitiserve, a better power supply, more up to date software and I think it may even be less expensive than the unitiserve was, when you take into account inflation over the years. The user interface is better as well on my iPad.
It also runs cooler and should not be as prone to breakdowns as the serve. It was also obviously designed by naim and a lot of thought has gone into optimising how it sounds and functions.


There are just two things that niggled me about my Core

  1. The price I paid
  2. The uniti style case work (Not classic)

And to be honest …after a few weeks…when I saw how easy it was to edit data…and how good it sounded , and was easy to use …those thoughts are long gone (had it several years)


As an old luddite I occasionally drop in on these threads. I have concluded that if/when I move on my CDS3 I’ll skip the whole ripping exercise and just use Tidal. Works fine on my Qb.


I replaced my UnitiServe with a Core about a year ago - the Serve was good, but I preferred the flexibility of the Core.

The sound quality on the Core is as good as the Serve was, but the interface is a lot nicer. There are a few features on the Serve that I miss - the play counts for example - and there are still a few bugs that Naim need to work out, but overall I’ve been very happy with it.

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I used to own a HDX for quite some years which was my first step in streaming audio. After the unit broke down for the second time, I sticked with a QNAP NAS and running Minimserver. This gives me all the flexibility the like transcoding to WAV ‘on the fly’ … I’ve tried a Core at home for some time but I honestly didn’t found it very much adding to the NAS …

At least that’s my 2 cents …

Many regards,

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