Coronavirus and Quboz

For what it’s worth, I’d definitely say electronica and house is quite ahead with Qobuz, but I agree with current US hip hop Tidal appears to be ahead… but this is more for fringe, more specialist/ obscure recordings/artists… the vast majority is equivalent, albeit distribution and labels may differ. I think it’s fair to say Tidal appears to have more artist ‘best of’ compilation secondary releases.
When it comes to EPs you see more regional difference, as perhaps those don’t have international distributions in the same way.
But give it a go and see what you think…
I have Roon, and you can do some interesting analysis between the Tidal and Qobuz catalogue and you see typically few differences… though the search algorithm can work differently… Roon becomes the leveller as it were in consistent catalogue access between the two service providers and local storage.

I try to listen the reality bites soundtrack toninght, each song was 30s! This is first

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