Coronavirus - how will it change the world?

Will the world be a changed place after this emergency is over? How do you predict it will change?

I hope so. For the better…ecologically not the least.

But I doubt it very much.

As soon as the imminent threat is gone, we’ll be back to our usual “I, me, mine” selves.


Always, self-preservation first.
Until that crazy government decides to draft you, that is.

Hmmm…self-indulgence, always.

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It takes two for that, stevie.

Global emissions have dropped by +10%.
I would imagine Mother Nature taking a well earned deep breath of fresh air, and good for her. Hope it continues. For her and our sakes.


Modesty and/or shame forbids me answering that!


Absolutely agree

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put it in special coded language then, use pictures if it helps lol

But what a price being paid by those least able to afford it.

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Sorry Timmo, I don’t want to come over pedantic, but if your referring to people losing their jobs, that price is being paid because of Coronovirus, not because of a reduction of 10% Global emissions.

A 10% reduction in Global emissions has nothing to do with people paying a price.

The way it’s worded here, suggests a negative, rather than a positive.

Just to clarify.

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Buying local would definitively change the world.


Maybe they should increase taxation on those of us able to afford it to provide for those that are less fortunate?


No way, all that extra tax that will be demanded will go straight to fatcats. Bankers, I think they’re called, scum more like. Those dirty f@@@@ers can read my email publicly, shame on the b@@@@@.

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If you were meaning those can’t access health care then I’m with you.
I would like to see a more inclusive society, but the economic model in the west won’t permit it. Sadly, there will behaves and have nots.
I suspect that there will be unexpected consequences …

With the demand destruction, and consequent supply destruction, the CoVid-19 has advanced the decline of oil, which has already begun; what makes foreshadowing a long and deep, more than most can imagin, L-shaped crisis, of which it is very likely that we will no longer recover and it be only the milestone that marks the beginning of the announced end of this global and globalized civilization. As always, I hope I’m radically wrong, hopefully…


I read this from Dave Hollis and thought of this thread…

" In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to"


We won’t know for a decade or so at least. Hopefully, the changes will be for the good of all.

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