Correct connection Naim NDS - Naim 555PSDR with Burndy cables

I can’t be sure if I connected my Naim NDS correctly with my Naim 555PSDR.

The connection diagram on the manual is this:

The problem is that there are several Burndy cables and I can’t locate the correct ones that I have to use for the connection.

In particular, I have these Burndy cables available:

  1. Burndy S-XPS black 11 pin cable
  2. 7 pin Burndy cable with two green rings on one side
  3. 10-pin Burndy cable netted with a red ring on one side

What cable should I use to connect Naim 555PS DR Output 1 to Naim NDS Input1 (555D Burndy cable)?

What cable should I use to connect Naim 555PS DR Output 2 to Naim NDS Input2 (555A Burndy cable)?

Is the 11-pin Burndy S-XPS black cable better than the 10-pin Burndy cable with a red ring on one side?

As the illustration shows, you should use the single ring Burndy for connecting Input 1, and the double ring Burndy for Input 2. Make sure the ringed ends are closest to the NDS.

As you’re using an NDS and 555PS, the S-XPS Burndy is not required here.

If I use the SXPS Burndy cable 11 pin will work too?

Is the SXPS better quality than the 10 pin version (even if NDS will use only 10 pins) ?

Don’t use the S-XPS Burndy here, it’s not the eight Burndy cable to use.

Yes Richard I will do like you suggested to me.

But just out of curiosity I would like to know why this illustration of Naim exists:

This illustration shows that the S-XPS cable (which is normally used for the Naim XPS DR) can be used for Output 1 of the 555PS DR.


Since I have both the S-XPS cable (smooth black) and the 10 pin Burndy cable at my disposal, I was wondering which was the best cable to use in terms of quality.

If I connect using the 11-pin S-XPS and the other 7-pin cable will I misuse the 555PS DR with the NDS?

Or will it work the same way correctly?

I think it’s interesting to clarify if it’s obviously possible.

I couldn’t say for sure I’m afraid. Possibly an error as the S-XPS is usually only used when the link plug is fitted to the other socket and you’re powering with either an XPS2/DR or XP5XS power supply. Do you know which rev. of manual it’s from? Probably best for Naim to clarify.

I’m using the S-XPS on output 1 of the 555PS DR, because I’m powering a NAC-N272 with it.

Interestingly, I’ve tried the experiment the other way around - connecting a Burndy with a red label (10 pin) between both, and that worked - 50%. The 272 got power for it’s streamer functionality, but not for the preamp section; so there was no sound. Or at least, that’s my hypothesis and the observed effect.

So using the right Burndy is a must - each pin has its function. I believe the 11 and 10pin Burndy share some pins, but not all. Different combo.

I use two Burndy to connect my 555 PS DR to my NDS

Ok for output 2 the 7 pin Burndy cable is fine.

But for output 1 is it better to use the 11 pin SXPS Burndy cable or the two red ring 10 pin Burndy cable?

This is very important to understand and I am still not sure.

These cables are connected to different pins and this can be seen by observing the pins in the cables from the outside.

Repeat. Do not use.

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