Correct connection of hicap to supernait 2

Hi all.
I have bought a hicap and have connected it to my supernait 2 as per the instructions in the manual. (2 sniac cables 4 and 5 etc) ( I assume I am not connecting it as a power amp otherwise the volume nob wont work right ?
Anyhow, switching it on and then the supernait gives me sound - naturally I wanted to compare it to the supernait alone- so - I switched off the hicap. The result is that there was absolutely no difference in sound. Am I doing something wrong?

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Richard, do you have the Hicap connected like this? (ignore the Stageline connection on the right).

If you turn the hicap off you won’t hear any sound, that’s how it works

If you mean that when switching off the HiCap the amp is still working, then yes there is something wrong
Removing the link on the SN2 disconnects the power to the pre-amp section from the SN2 internal power rail.
Connecting the HiCap in place of the link powers the pre-amp section from the HiCap, so switching off the HiCap switches off the pre-amp section.

Thanks. Yes I did. Solved -I just noticed that the sound contines for a couple of seconds before it then goes quiet- this would also explain why the sound in those few seconds is the same. I am not an expert but I assume the power is “discharging” ?

Similar topic- I didnt realise that I needed a snaic 4 pin plug and bought the grey version. Is the newer black cable “better” and worth the (considerable) outlay. Are there better alternatives. ?

Yes, as the caps discharge the sound continues on for a short while.

The Black SNAIC is definitely a worthwhile upgrade over the earlier grey one. A for “fake SNAICs”, don’t do it. At best they will sound not as Naim intended and at worst may end up causing damage. Their use may also create warranty implications for any connected equipment. This is why discussion of same is not allowed here as they constitute an unauthorised modification to Naim equipment.

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