Correct setup?

Everything works but is it as good as it should be?
I indirectly control my Uniti Nova from my Windows desktop which runs Roon, Tidal and BBC Sounds.
The computer is attached to the TV, an LG OLED 48CX5 with an HDMI cable and the TV is connected to the Nova with a digital optical cable. The blue-ray player also goes through the TV.

The Nova is connected to the router as is a Uniti Core.

So is the computer just giving the Nova instructions like a remote and therefore the Nova is getting it’s digital music from the internet and so the TV in the middle has no impact on performance. Or is something else going on!

In other words will Hi-Res Flac on Tidal sound just as good as if i downloaded it direct to my Core

As you are using Roon, the signal will travel via the Roon Core on your computer. If you were to use Tidal from the Naim app the signal would be routed straight from your internet connection to the Nova. If you use the Naim app Server input with the Naim Core, again you will avoid the extra signal path via your computer.

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