Correct signal flow: ATOM>REL T/5X

Hi All - I have a UNITI ATOM and PROAC Tablette 10 Signature Speakers. Just bought two REL T/5X subs and wondering the best way to hook them up. I was told I needed an adapter for the back of the ATOM so that both the speaker cables from the PROACs and RELs can plug in at the same time? Any suggestions of a high quality adapter that would serve this purpose would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Look at this
Looks like you need two Rel cables for that.

Thanks Pauel - Realizing this topic has been covered quite extensively in other posts. Naim community seems to be advising to connect Subs at the speaker inputs, NOT at the amp inputs. Not sure if these Furutech FP-202s will work.

For a high level connection, a combination of spades (at the end of your subwoofer speaker cable) and banana’s (from your main speakers) at the end of the speaker binding posts might also work. The Furutech look nice though, albeit they seem a bit expensive (but can you actually connect 2 cables to them?)

As an alternative you probably can use the low level connection (i know that REL and many others recommend the high level connection) with 2 single coax cables connected to the left and right subwoofer output of your Atom.

You may also want to look in this thread:

If you can not attach spades to your Tab 10, these Furutech terminators are quite a solution. A bit expensive, however, your whole system is not cheap either.
When I was connecting the subwoofer, I bought four bananas and joined cables two-to-one - thick speaker cable and thin subwoofer per single banana. You don’t need thick cable for the subwoofer, so, both cables fit perfectly into the banana.
Just make sure you have positive+positive, negative+negative. Otherwise you will have issues with the SQ due to the mess with the phase.

Rel recommends use high level input for the best SQ. To me, one should not compromise SQ when two subwoofer already bought.

I know, but many others seem to disagree with that, so i would not take it as a rule. I have not found a reasonable explanation as why the high level input should be better technically. It probably depends of the signal routing of the amp you connect it to and how it was designed. Theoretically, the amp not “seeing” the subwoofer should be better, but i wonder why most manufactures do not seem to recommend it as their main connection type.

I see the biggest advantage for using the high level input in cutting of problematic frequencies of your main loudspeakers earlier on so you can start crossing over the sub at a higher level than with using the low level connection.

I want to try both at home at some point to see if it really matters.

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