Correct way to connect NAC 272 preamplifier section to SN2

What is the correct way to connect NAC 272 preamp section to SN2 with bypassing the preamp section of SN2. I tried to look at different Naim manuals but couldn’t find an example where NAC 272 is connected to an integrated amp. Should the link be done via the two upgrade inputs on SN2’s back which have a plug, instead of the av in/out input and av bypass switch on the back?

I don’t really understand that. Wouldn’t it be better to bypass the pre section of the 272?

The idea is to use the preamp section of the 272 instead of the built-in preamp section of the SN2, so that SN2 serves only as a main amplifier. The reason is that the preamp section in 272 should be better than the one inside SN2.

As far as I know, one can use one of the two identical DIN outputs of the NAC-N 272 and connect to the ‘power amp in’ of the SuperNait 2 after the removal of the link plug …

And use a 4-pin to 4-pin DIN as per original SNAIC 4 Naim design.

Personally I’d pick av in and use av bypass. Then if you have anything else piped directly to the supernait eg turntable via a stageline then it will still work. Remove the link plug and the sn2 becomes a pure power amp and you’ve lost all your inputs.

@corsuse urm well I wouldn’t be certain about that, you’ll need to try both to ascertain I would suggest.



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