Cosmetic finish of Naim units

I am considering buying some Naim hi fi units but would like them to match cosmetically. I see that some units are described as being black powder coated, some are brushed and anodised aluminium and some of the specification sheets do not indicate which finish is applied.

Has anyone had any experience of buying units and then finding they do not match?

The items I am specifically thinking of are the CD 5si and NAIT 5si.

David Marriott

Welcome David.

The CD5Si and NAIT 5si both have the same finish; the cover panels and fascias are powder coated magnesium zinc alloy castings. When you move up to the xs series, the fascias here are brushed anodised aluminium, similar to the classic/reference series.

FWIW, early 5 series kit had the powder coated fascias - the brushed anodised fascia arrived with during the first NAIT xs production.

Welcome to the forum David, nice place.
Richard has it covered …
I have the two different finishes in a rack separated by shelves, the Supernait & NDX are both anodised & the NAT-05 is powder coat.
Look close & you see a difference, but in the room a few feet away, you don’t see it.

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Thank you Richard for your helpful reply.


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