Could Tidal Users Do Me A Small Favour


On Tidal could you call up a track called Done With Bonaparte by Mark Knopfler - it’s on his Golden Heart album. Whenever I play it it cuts out at about 30 seconds.



Seems fine on my Nova. Tried it on a Qb as well, that’s about 2 minutes in and going fine. And is 3 minutes in on my NDX, all seems to work well. Not a song/album I know, I’ve enjoyed it, might give the album a stream tomorrow.

It was fine on my 272 in New Zealand today. Good track. However I am still getting many erratic random cutouts with Tidal in general.

Thanks guys.

Read the thread in this sub-section called Tidal Drops Out With.

You’re not alone.

Yeah but it’s just happening on this one track.

Fine here too but not on a Naim streamer, 30 seconds sounds suspiciously like a “clip” length- you do have Tidal HiFi?


Fine here. I’m travelling so I’m streaming A+ MacBook Air.

Well yeah, I could, but I doubt you’d hear it from here…

Thanks again guys. I’ve just streamed it on the iPad and it’s fine. Strange but I’ve seen on the other thread that others are experiencing similar.



And now I’ve just played it on the Qb and it was perfect. Oh well!

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