Council Tax 2021-2022

Just had our latest Council Tax summary for the forthcoming year. Including precepts, the increase is 5.1percent.

I was under the impression that the maximum increase was limited to 5percent, unless an authority-wide referendum was held.

I realise it is only. 1 percent over 5, bit it is either 5 percent or not.

Is this actually a legit percentage increase?

Yes i thought it was capped at 5%

Our breakdown is : council 2/adult social care 3/Fire and Rescue 1.9/ Police and Crime 7.4 percent respectively. Council’s own paperwork indicates 5.1 percent increase.

I was not aware that the precepts had a financial life of their own…If they do, then we (all) could potentially be looking at increases over and above the nominal 5percent threshold.

If we underpaid our council tax by a quid, they would no doubt pursue us for it, so why should we pay more than that which they are legally entitled to charge unless certain criteria are met?

Mine arrived today and yes - 5.1%.

I’ve felt for some years that the increases on this tax have been totally out of control and are effectively a stealth tax on those who are not ‘exempt’.


PCCs are allowed by Government to increase their council tax by £15 a year in 2021/22, which may exceed 5% because their precept is very low. The local authorities themselves are limited to 5%. When you add the PCC to the mix the total cash increase can exceed 5% and remain within the rules.

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No politics please. Thank you.

Thanks HH.

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