Couple of Forum-related questions


I have a quick couple of Forum-related questions.

  1. Profile visibility.
    On another thread, HH kindly pointed out that my profile was hidden. However, I don’t know how to make it visible or test for it. Does anyone know of any specific actions e.g. does the “About Me” have to be completed in some way? Maybe it’s right in front of me and I’m simply not seeing it …

  2. Logging out of Website logs out of iPad/iPhone app
    This one’s a little frustrating. I couldn’t find anything in the FAQ about it. I typically use the app on iPad and iPhone and use the forum website on laptop. When I log out of the forum on my laptop, it logs me out of the iPad and iPhone apps as well. (I won’t go into detail, but you’re then on that seemingly complex and frustrating journey to re-login via the app on mobile.)
    I’m not a fan of this behaviour at all. Is this working as expected? I’d really prefer to not have some global session logout from the website; my preference would be for local logout, maintaining other sessions on iPad and iPhone, for example, and push global session logout as a profile option e.g. a security measure to logout all current sessions.


1- Go to (personal) Profile via the Avatar/Preferences/Interface - and you should see check boxes at the bottom.

2- sorry, can’t help.

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Thank you! Clearly hiding in plain sight to me!

Q2 - I believe that’s an Apple ‘thing’ - all your Apple items ‘talk’ to each other; log out on one - it logs you out of all; happens to me as I have the same :slight_smile:

Thanks JR007. I’m not sure it’s Apple-related, to be honest. I can see how that might be the case if it routed through iCloud. But this does not; it feels related to how DiscourseHub manages their login sessions/tokens.

This also happens with the Roon website and the tokens on both are one time. Logging out of the app on the website appears to then clobber the login token and/or sessions. Thinking about it a little more, another factor is likely the web wrapper-nature of the mobile apps.

On iPad or iPhone I Mostly use the Discourse app (as opposed to through a browser), and i am always logged in when app is open (just looked on phone and can’t see any settings option, but I guess there was when I installed it).

At home on a PC I access the forum using a browser, and at work I sometimes do likewise on an iPa, and occasionally if wanting to cross refer I have had iPhone or iPad alongside with app connected. I have never noticed one being closed by another.

Thank you IB. Just to confirm: when you log out from the forum via the website on your PC, your iPad and iPhone sessions via DiscourseHub app remain logged in?

Yes. Or rather that is how it seems: I don’t actually log out, just stop using. On PC that may be to going to a different browser tab, or to something completely different, or close down the computer, or it go to sleep bacause I’m not using it. At some point when I return to the browser tab I find it has logged me out. Meanwhile the app on Phone or tablet just opens direct without my logging in. Of course it could be that the app is effectively re-logging me in in the background whenever I open it, so maybe I don’t know it has logged me out…

After some further digging, it looks like this is behaviour that can be controlled in site admin settings for Discourse. The default behaviour is conservative and logs out all sessions when a user actively “logs out”.

I’m guessing, but I think this is not something Naim would look to change with their installation.

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