Couple vinyl record player DAC-V1 and NAP 100


I really do like what Matrix audio are up to right now. And one of their Element products allow direct connection of a turntable - nice. It’s down to price though. @SveinungA wants to keep costs to a minimum. Mytek do a fantastic ADC product. Again price is outside @SveinungA’s price point.

I think @SveinungA’s probably done the right thing with his Project Optical box purchase…I’m intrigued as to how it sounds.

@PEFGis I sure will get back to this thread and share my impressions.

Connecting a turntable to a digital preamp via an ADC seems slightly counter productive why take an analogue signal and convert it to digital why not just spend the money on a better CDP or streamer.

The whole point of vinyl and of owning a record player is to get that analogue sound isn’t it?

Yes… and no. My reason was to play some existing vinyl every once in awhile on a whim (45’s mostly). But if one is looking to invest in new vinyl (which is no longer cheap!) then yes, it would be best to have an all analog chain.

I’ve got a Sonore OpticalRendu with a good LPS and an opticalModule also with a good LPS preceding the V1, connected with a Shunyata Venom USB cable and imo it sounds pretty dang sublime into a 160 BD. Paid $1700 about six/seven years back for a barely used one and imo it was worth every penny.

Then you would probably be better transferring those few records into files I’m sure with today’s technology they sound better that way.

There is a cheap Rega phono stage that can transfer vinyl to a digital file.

I went for a Chord Hugo some years back
Wow the first days
A week in meh
Quirky operation
Finally when battery need replacement I was out again.

Lucky to find a preowned Rega DAC
Not the same details and resolution, but nice coherence and tonality.
Long term its a keeper.

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Lovely turntable. I thought about the same one recently.

The simplest way to manage this problem is twofold:

  • Get rid of the NAP100 and get a NaitXS3 which has a good built in MM phono stage. Use the DACv1 as a source only, not a preamp.
  • Keep the NAP100 and look for a recently serviced NAC72 preamp and matching olive era HiCap with the optional MM phono boards. Have this sit between the DACv1 and the NAP100.

There are digital output turntables but most are a step down/sideways from the 1500C.


NaitXS3 feels like a good long term solution. Must settle for the more affordable adc quick fix for now, though.

Be sure to speak to your dealer about MM cartridges that are a good match for the Naim. They are a bit quirky on cartridge pairing but very good. For example, they don’t play nice with Ortofon (so I’ve been told) but do with Dynavector (high output MC), Audiotechnica, and Sumiko… among others.

Of course if your 1500C is still fitted with the factory fit Ortofon Red, you can give it a go anyway and see if you like the result on the Naim amp.

Oh, that’s a great tip.

I’m biased, but I have a Technics deck, DV cartridge, into XS3 (albeit using a separate phono stage) - it sounds very very good :slight_smile:

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Nice one @SveinungA . I look forward to it.

So good to hear that you’re enjoying your V1 Sonore combo. A lovely compact purposeful aesthetic you have there! I wish I could hear it. Do you have it set up as a Roon end point?

Yes that’s right. I remember now. All sorted on the new Mojo though with it intelligent charging.

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I do. It’s actually the Roon Lite OpticalRendu that only plays Roon (I got a lifetime about six years ago). Got a good deal on a demo one. I use the excellent Sonore power supply for it, and a Witch Hat 4 pin DIN to the 160. It does sound great I might say.

Bluesound NODE is good value for money.

Hello @charlesphoto. Yes I’m a lifer too. Best Hi-Fi purchase I have ever made.

Now then. I did not know that they made a ‘Lite’ version for Roon only. That really does interest me. I’ve now been looking at the Sonora website - a lot! Still getting my head around their approach.

Sorry for the delay replying by the way…where does the time go! :crazy_face:

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Pro-Ject Optical Box Phono E

Technics to Pro-Ject, to DAC-V1, to NAP100, to speakers. Well matched system.