Covered acoustic panels

Covered some of my acoustic panels they look better now.


What are the details for the panels?

They are 242 gik panels i have a very light open cotton material just over the existing red material sounds the same just looks better.

Good call Hawkmoon :+1:t3: ATB Peter

Hi are they the Gik impression 150mm panel’s you have and how do you find them.?

GIK do a range they call something like ‘Art panels’, on which you can have any image printed. I asked about this a couple of years ago, and was informed they could do the same with other ranges as well. My own thought was that for minimal adverse impact one option would be to print nice artwork on any suitably positioned wall panels, and have others coloured exactly the same as the walls (or ceiling)

Yes I know about the art panels, the impression has diffuser and absorber I just want to know are these any good.

I have three art panels in my living room, they have reduced the echo in the room considerably and look good (at least to me).

Whether they are the best for whatever your room is like would need proper assessment, though the chances if you have precious little absorbency or diffusion or a huge room the chances are any panels would help. GIK do publish test data so at least you can check the degree of difference between various of theirs, and with other manufacturers that test and publish the data in a standardised scientific manner.

Has anyone considered using canvas prints as a substitute for acoustic panels. They are quite cheap and come in a wide range of sizes and can be painted to suit.

Also, are TV covers worth considering?

Hi Mike,
I considered this but found out canvas is not acoustically transparent and reflects sound rather than letting the sound waves pass through.
GIK offer some acoustic art panels which look really cool with a variety of sizes and thickness

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Yes they look ok, it’s hard to find at a good price that looks good… some of the multi fusers from vicoustic look very well but are very pricey but at the end of the day I believe you get what you pay for.

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