Covid and Coffee

indeed, between cups of coffee I’ve been re-reading “Studies in the History of the Renaissance” - Walter Pater,

extract on Da Vinci,

enjoy if you are unfamiliar,

"The presence that thus so strangely rose beside the waters is expressive of what in the ways of a thousand years man had come to desire. Hers is the head upon which all ‘the ends of the world are come’, and the eyelids are a little weary. It is a beauty wrought out from within upon the flesh, the deposit, little cell by cell, of strange thoughts and fantastic reveries and exquisite passions. Set it for a moment beside one of those white Greek goddesses or beautiful women of antiquity, and how would they be troubled by this beauty, into which the soul with all its maladies has passed? All the thoughts and experience of the world have etched and moulded there in that which they have the power to refine and make expressive the outward form, the animalism of Greece, the lust of Rome, the reverie of the middle age with its spiritual ambition and imaginative loves, the return of the pagan world, the sins of the Borgias, She is older than the rocks among which she sits; like the vampire, she has been dead many times, and learned the secrets of the grave; and has been a diver in deep seas, and keeps their fallen day about her; and trafficked for strange webs with Eastern merchants; and, as Leda, was the mother of Helen of Troy, and, as Saint Anne, the mother of Mary; and all this has been to her but as the sound of lyres and flutes, and lives only in the delicacy with which it has moulded the changing lineaments and tinged the eyelids and the hands. The fancy of a perpetual life, sweeping together ten thousand experiences, is an old one; and modern thought has conceived the idea of humanity as wrought upon by, and summing up in itself, all modes of thought and life. Certainly Lady Lisa might stand as the embodiment of the old fancy, the symbol of the modern idea.*

  • transmigration of souls, reincarnation plus the idea of evolution.

I’ve been on Assam for years now, whenever I want a cup of what normally is called ‘builders’ tea’. Interestingly, when I now get given PG Tips or some other brand, I find it unpleasantly sweet compared to Assam. I suspect the blenders intentionally choose sweeter leaf varieties to please peoples’ palates.

[no, I don’t take sugar in tea or coffee and yes it tastes sweet despite having had no sugar added]

I’m very lucky in that coffee seems to have little to no effect on me. I don’t seem to be addicted to it, and if I have a day or two without it, I don’t really notice. I can also drink a double espresso just before bedtime and sleep like a baby. I’ve seen work colleagues go cold turkey on a coffee addiction and I was very glad I wasn’t in their shoes.


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I know what you’re referring to – PG Tips now does seem ‘sweeter’ to me. I too take it straight - no sugar added.

I find that there is a time window – maybe 4-6 pm – wherein if I drink coffee then it will disturb my falling asleep (at say 10-11 pm). Earlier is not a problem, and after dinner (not a usual event) is not a problem.

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I had this delivered to today as well, should last me a while, can’t find much of it on supermarket shelves.

which reminds me, got to go out and face the locust.

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