Covid and UK-made product availability

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Just wondering how the covid situation in the UK is affecting audio gear production/availability. It seems in many circles, demand for products in general is high as (some) people have spare $$ given that trips/holidays aren’t happening. However, I guess the manufacturers must be limited in what they can produce due to isolation/quarantine measures and perhaps their own inability to acquire out-sourced material.

Where I am based, it’s almost impossible to get certain things, like some replacement bicycle parts - well, several months wait when these things would be obtainable within a couple of days.

How goes it in your neck of the woods?

I was thinking of buying a subwoofer for home cinema. Neither the 8” or 10” models from Fyne Audio are available due to COVID impact to parts availability. They are thinking of dropping them from the range completely.
I also read that high end graphics cards, primarily used for gaming, are pretty much not available.

I hope some of our favourite smaller audio companies that give us such fabulous choice are doing ok.

Be happy with what and whom you have! That the lesson from this period for me.

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I think it is not just becauce of the pandemic crises - brexit on top is a big issue

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I don’t think the Covid situation in the UK makes more difference to supply than any other country due to interrelated global supply chains. My Japanese made amp was on backorder for months due to Covid impact on a single part made in Slovakia. Basically, regardless of how a company’s home country is hit, they’re only as good as the weakest supply link.

Where are you based Django?

Right down the bottom in New Zealand - a very lucky (with emphasis on luck) isolated place to be in these times, hence my enquiry. I don’t think we can begin to imagine the situation in other countries when life here continues pretty much as normal, bar the international tourism industry. I agree completely Ardbeg10y…though I would like to fix my bicycle!

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