Covid and used prices

Noticed that on a certain auction site, recently a 552 went for 7K, a 52 and SC for 2.1K and a 300 for 3.1.
Looks like used prices are beginning to take a pandemic tumble? Awful that people maybe having to sell up to make ends meet.


No references to specific items for sale please. Thanks.

That depends. If you’re in the market to buy, it’s not so awful. :thinking:

True. Conflicting thoughts…would be nice to upgrade…but at somebody else’s expense…

During the first lockdown I made good money selling stuff I had in my loft. Mainly the small MF X and XA series stuff. My xa-1 sold for 3/4 of what I paid for it in 1999.
A bit like the shoe box Naim stuff, people want it for a small or second system.

Unfortunately I entered a period of self funded upgrades. For which I’m near the end. But, I have a better sounding system now than back in March.

I thought about the 300 but decided as it was an early one the price was actually a little high after factoring in the refurb I’d want.

Thats really nice of you to acknowledge, and actually I have noticed the same thing. If you notice, people are actually writing, ‘due to job loss’ etc., on some auction listings and you’re right; its awful.

(Also, perhaps Naim could do with a little devaluing as being currently discussed on another thread…)

It also doesn’t help when the Stock Market takes massive swings… 900 points down yesterday up a couple hundred today… The markets hate uncertainty

That could have been my 300, and if so you are correct, it was approaching 20 year old and in desperate need of a £2K service, at that price I would have stretched to a discounted new unit. In fact to keep the 20 year old CD based system I had, It needed £5.5K spending to stand still, and I wanted to ditch CD for vinyl and create rack space. I’m not a black box hoarder and tend to take an holistic view, and what I have now outperforms what it replaced (which was the objective) inclusive of the new 250DR that now drives the shahinians better than my ageing 300 did. I wouldn’t necessarily assume that people sell because they have fallen on hard times, they may just want something different…

…I hope I can find some tasty morsels to feed the kids rummaging through the bins later tonight… :thinking:

I’m afraid to say that the impact of the lockdown on the UK and global economy has barely begun.

We are in for a hammering when govts can no longer continue to stop the momentum of contraction.


I agree, I think as we move into the new year you will see a lot more bargains appearing on the popular auction sites…

Making light of people falling on hard times - high five! I’m sure nobody as financially awesome as you would need to rummage through bins or sell hi-fi to make ends meet, but those people are out there and the OP was just acknowledging that. Nobody was ‘assuming’ sellers are doing so because they have all fallen on hard times.

Well done on the sale though. I’m still browsing. :slight_smile:

…oh dear, making light of the idea of ME falling on hard times…I would hope is totally within the realm of topics I am entitled to make light of…

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The important thing in any sale/purchase is that both sides believe that they have got a good deal :slight_smile:


Not to make assumptions, but I will in this case. I have seen, and read where individuals purchase a system, new, all in a single buy, the same system or that of a higher caliber that I have been saving up for, trading up for, which took me 10 years to build. New, my kit has to be $50,000 USD, and none of it is on credit or personal loans.

The reality is, some may have purchased beyond their cash means, and are getting rid of their kit to pay off the loan or credit cards. I wish no one to be in that position or jobless.

I hope I never lose my job due to COVID or any other reason for that matter, but if I did, and was sitting at home looking for employment, my only enjoyment would be to listen to my system to dull the pain of being unemployed, if only for a few hours at a time.



Yes, I was probably a bit too quick to get pissy there. Apologies.

No problem…I have a weird sense of humour sometimes :wink:

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