Crackle on atom headphone output

my atom <6 months old has a really annoying crackle when listening via the headphone socket if Iput my ear close to a speaker I could probably convince myself the crackle remains in the background when nothing is playing any bvioud things to check before sending it back to naim?!

Do you have anything connected via USB while listening?

My UQ2 does this and then I realised it only happened when I was using it to charge my phone.

no just streaming Spotify or lidstening to vinyl

Honestly, then I’d sanity check with different headphones and finally contact the dealer. There could be several reasons including earthing but rather than second guess it on the forum for days, you’re dealer should be better placed to troubleshoot it with you.

Sounds to me like it might need to go back to your dealer for investigation. First, though, I would try a different pair of headphones if possible. Also try disconnecting your external sources (turntable) to see if that changes anything.

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