Crackling sounds. Suspect HiCap?

When my system is idle, I am occasionally getting some interference-type and crackling sounds through the speakers. The interference sound s followed by the crackle, then silence again. They are independent of the volume control, and muting does not help. They don’t seem to be loose connections.

It’s SN1-HiCap setup. Both are getting on in age, and the HiCap is older by quite few years, and I’m suspecting the thing needs a service.

Any thoughts?

Winky - It would be worth running the SN1 without the Hicap for a while to see if this device is causing the issue. Otherwise a complete disconnection and reconnection of the system cabling would be worthwhile too. Always worth a check around the house for any electrical devices switching on and off at times when you get the crackles.

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It could be the capacitors in the amp starting to fail, although I don’t know how susceptible the SN1 is to the ageing capacitor issues.
It could also be a thermostat somewhere in your house or apartment, such as on a water heater or fridge, causing interference.

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I had such a thing recently, rerouted cables issue gone. I think the snaic was too close to a power lead.

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