Craft (Concord) Recordings Miles Box Set

Craft Recordings where set up by Concord specifically to re release their back catalogue.

I’m interested in the recent Miles Davis ‘Legendary’ Prestige 6 LP box set which isn’t cheap workingout at over £25 per LP. I haven’t been able to find much info on the box set online.

Has it been remastered, where was it pressed? Have any of you bought any of Craft Recordings and if so what where they like.

I already have an Analogue productions copy of Relaxin’ and just bought Cookin’ and own the original ‘Legendary’ CD box from 2006 so taking all that into account and the fact that the last of the five records Steamin’ released later in 1961 isn’t as good and that the final disc in this six record set is made up of TV appearances which I can’t imagine sound great,
is it worth it?

Or do I just find seperate copies of the three titles that I dont have?

Also does anyone own either of the recent 10" box sets from a couple of years back?

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