Creating playlist with Naim app

I stream my NAS based music to my Naim ND5 XS2
How can I create/import playlists on the Naim app?
Using a similar set up on a Sonos platform, the Sonos app would allow me to import playlist created through iTunes (my CD ripping software).
Is something similar possible with the Naim app?

Using the app - Playlists are created by pressing the small dots to the right of the track, here you see the option to add it to one already created or it says new UPnP playlist.

The main playlist button (where your playlists are kept) is shown as a secondary row on the Home page.

The problem is sharing the playlist, as this button does not work.

I don’t know how to import playlists though, not sure that is possible via the app.

When you create a playlist, go to it and press the small dots to the right of that playlist, at the bottom is the option to share, this button is a trick button as it does not share your playlist, but makes your trousers fall off.

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I have asked a similar question under

There result is a request for it to be added to a future release

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Creating playlists in the Naim app is extremely simple, but I’m not aware of any way to import them from iTunes or elsewhere.
Unfortunately I’ve found the Naim app playlists to be unreliable, and prone to corruption, with no way to restore them from backup. It’s been a while since I’ve tried, so they might be more reliable now, but for me they were unstable right from the day the Naim app was released.

What I do instead is to create and manage playlists on my server instead. On my Unitiserve this is very easy, although not quite as convenient as doing it in the Naim app, and restoring them from backup is childsplay.

Thanks JOF
Got the hang of it now

Thanks Chris
Got the hang of it now. Yes, it’s pretty simple As is editing them
If there’s no way to import existing playlists I can just build them up again from scratch

You said above that you were streaming from a NAS - what server are you running? If it has a playlist function, as some do, you could use that, and they should be visible in the Naim app Server input.
Once these are done, you could, if you want, save them as Naim app playlists too.
Otherwise you’ll need to start again from scratch.

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