Credo’s or change?

I’ve currently got a Nac 62 with a Hi Cap, an IXO with 2 x150’s running a set of Credo’s actively. My conundrum is that I also have a spare Nap 250 and I’m wondering whether to sell the 2x150’s and but another 250? If I do this and continue to have an active system, what speakers would you recommend? I’m into Blues, Motown, lots of different types of music but in this particular room it’s chilled. Lots of HF lyrics but with a nice compliment of bass. Not modern heavy bass dance music though, I have another system for that. Kind Regards, Simon

Welcome Simon.

Why not the Credos with the active NAP250s?

I’m a fan of active but have you tried the 250 passive on the Credos. Also, what’s the front end here?

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I can’t help with any experience of Credos. But I used to run a set of SBLs active with NAP200s. I bought an old bolt down 250 which I thought was much better than the active 200s… Not as good as the active CB 250s that replaced it though!

What’s your source? I would upgrade the preamp at least before upgrading the amps, especially since it’s a chill out room. Even a 72 would be a noticeable upgrade.

Have you had the gear serviced recently? That might yield more bang for your buck than adding an unserviced 250.

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