Cricket World Cup

260 to 280 might be hard to chase.

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Agree Pete. Smart cricket from NZ for now. Chasing 280 in a final might be more like 320 in a regular match

Williamson out!
Needed that

Poor call, looked like it was going over at normal speed.

Yup, I thought it looked high watching live.

NZ used a review when Guptil looked (and was) plum. Small margins.

True. And unfortunately that’s the way it goes.

  1. Don’t think it’s enough. It’ll take some good bowling/fielding.

Odd innings. Not sure England bowled that well yet somehow they kept chipping out batsmen just as they settled and were looking to kick on. Archer was pretty tricky at the end. I hope that De Grandhomme has easy access to an ice pack!

Ask me in 10 overs if it is enough. Boult especially will like this wicket, and the slope.


I did miss a little as I’m flicking between the Tour De France, the F1 and this. Agree first 10 overs should hold all the answers. Our Kiwi friends have gone missing. It’s is past 2am there.


10 overs in this has the feeling of a real nip and tuck game. NZ bowling really well.

one more wicket and the cat will be among the pigeons …

This game is New Zealand’s to lose - the cat is already staring at the pigeons and salivating.

The wicket is atypical English early-season club game in nature, with movement and not a lot of pace.

I hope England can do it but it’s going to take something special from either or both of Stokes and Buttler.

What a fine cricket match. Such intelligent NZ bowling (and captaincy).

This is the pair that have to get to within 20-30 I reckon.


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I’m back up!

It’s getting a bit tense…


Super over to settle it. What a game


I’m a wreck…

My word … what can you say … amazing. But I’m still waiting for Archer. So close … wow

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What an afternoon of sport: the best F1 race for years, Wimbledon final with a 5 setter finished off with a final set tie breaker, now the cricket - I need to lie down


What a match. Long live ODI cricket.

Well done England but honestly I don’t care who won that.