Just come across this … takes me back a few years!

Ah yes. And the criteria for fielding positions in my day, in no particular order and not exhaustive:

  • Do you bowl son - Yes skip - well fine leg for you - on the basis you had to earn your position in the slips.

  • Can you catch and throw from the boundary? Yes, skip - off to cow corner, the spinner’s coming on.

  • Are you a fast runner and can throw? Yes skip. Go to cover and you’ll need to run around point and mid-off, as we’re packing the slips.

  • When you’re over 35 and can catch (and even if you can’t), you get first dibs on fielding in the slips/gully. If you were >50 years, then 2nd slip was yours by right.

  • Smokers usually fielded at square leg so they could get a light from the umpire.

  • Players who should have been on duty, stayed in the same position on the boundary to be next to their radios…and often wore their white work shirts just in case!

If a match finished very early, it was the tradition to have a 15/20-over per side ‘beer match’ with reversed batting orders and obligatory retirement at 50/max 4/5 overs per bowler.


Happy days

I appear to be batting either 1 or 9. Actually I do open!



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