Bruce you’re what cricket is all about, grassroots congratulations.

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Great friends and great fun. Few more years yet. We have a huge number of clubs around us, but many have struggled to maintain 2 or 3 teams, and some have folded completely. There is lots of enthusiasm amongst juniors but the next generation tend to come and go, often playing other sports or unprepared to commit to a regular Saturday 45 over match. We get a few back when in their thirties but it is a bit of a struggle. This is despite having a ground in the best condition it has been for decades.



I finally packed in when I kept pulling my hamstrings taking quick singles.
Although in my 70s I still have dreams that I’m playing again. Bit disappointing when I wake up!
Keep playing as long as you can Bruce.


For most around here, it seems common sense has been applied.


Do I smell a bit of a disagreement/power struggle between the selector(s), Coach and Captain??

Aussies lose the last 3 ODI games to lose the series 3 to 2.

The text below copied from another website

"Alastair Cook is going to retire from all forms of cricket at the end of this county season .

One of the world’s greatest Red ball players ever . Someone who has played 350 FC matches and 161 Tests for England .

Cook has played 52707 balls in first cricket till now . That makes 8784.3 overs . Absolute Ridiculous stuff !

His stats in FC cricket .

Matches - 350
Runs - 26615
Average - 46.7
Hundreds - 74
Fifties - 125

In Test Cricket .

Matches - 161
Runs - 12472
Average - 45.4
Hundreds - 33
Fifties - 57

He has 5 double hundreds in Test cricket . 2 vs Aus and 1 each against Pak , IND and WI . 3 of them came away from home .

Insane stats for an Opener , even better for a SENA opener who have to survive that swing early on .

Out of his 33 hundreds , 18 came away from home .

5 hundreds in Ind , 5 in Aus . Two most difficult countries to score century in , for a visiting batter .

Fun fact about him is that he never had a Ashes Hundred at home . All his Ashes hundreds came in Aus .

He is the only player to have 10K Test runs and 10k county runs in 21st century .

He also averages 75 vs Pak across 2 formats with 7 centuries . Proper owning .

Hundred on debut , Ashes winner and played record 159 consecutive tests .

A stellar of a career from one of the grittiest players of the game . Good luck for future , Sir Alastair Cook :clap::heart:"


I listened to the Essex Chief Executive being interviewed on the radio a couple of months ago and reading between the lines his retirement was likely. It is a shame that Essex look as if they are going to fall short in the CC.

Can’t see it announced anywhere yet. You are well informed.

…and, arguably, mainly achieved from 3 shots :grin: But, those who think this, need to read the reports and scorecards of the 2010/11 Ashes in Oz, which England won 3-1, in no small part due to AC’s batting. It was a treat to watch back then. Best of all, a very unassuming person, unlike some.

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He has become very good on the radio imho.

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Plus clearly one of the all time great bowlers. His Test bowling average is 7.00. :rofl:

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Agree - someone who speaks with authority borne of experience and achievement, and carries this with humility, is far better than someone who gabbles on and on and on. A bit like the workplace adage that a few critical words to a highly conscientious person can be far more damaging than shouting at someone who doesn’t give a damn.

I had heard that a red top reported his imminent retirement, but then on TMS it was reported that he was still discussing his contract with Essex. It would be a shame if they don’t want him and he still has the desire to play.

I enjoy his commentary, and I hope he turns into a latter day David Gower, with a touch of whimsy.


Daft: England ODI abandoned due to short lived really heavy rain. Everyone knew it was coming but waited until it started to stop play. By which time they couldn’t get the covers on as it was too wet and windy. Been sunny for most of the day since.
I assume the umpires can’t stop play until it starts raining which is completely crackers imho.

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Worcestershire promoted from Div 2. Congrats to them.

A real achievement in my book. They have a tiny budget, less than £6m, half of which comes from the ECB. They have to home grow most of their players and then lose nearly all good ones to richer counties who can afford to buy ready made players off the shelf. Notts in particular.
I can think of 9 players who have left or are leaving in the last year.
The two division set up has increased financial inequality dramatically. I’m not sure the 18 county set up is sustainable for much longer. White ball “McDonald’s” cricket will continue to grow as chasing money seems to be the most important goal.


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From the few clips I saw very much buffet bowling!



WC starts in a few days, you chaps in the north comfortably over confident. Aussies a bit unpredictable and hit miss.

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I always think it pays to get your mistakes out of the way before a WC .

Pretty certain , India, England and Australia will reach semi finals , with Pakistan, SA, and NZ willing to turnover any team that is too confident

Also think Bangladesh may surprise .

No West Indies

Sad isn’t it.