Crimson new E4s

I have a Naim 250 that I will never cell it’s like an old friend . But a friend told me about Crimson
fortunately I had a good year considering how many people are out of work. Since Music is my
drug of choice I have been looking for something
that has the timing of Naim but a lot more details.
I bought a pair of Crimson E4s and was extremely
Impressed with its ability to reproduce the timing
and pace of my Naim but has a ton more information. I would end it here but one of you folks recommended I get an old Naim 82 or the
Crimson 710. I was fortunate to get a Crimson 710
But I also was able to ( hear) there 880 powers amps. They come in 4 boxes and where expensive
I figured my wife would say NO but she didn’t. I
ordered them and when they came in I have to admit I-have never heard a system that plays music
where you can actually tell the first violin the second and third chair. The depth of the human
voice was so outstanding. But there wasn’t any
strain regardless of what I put on. The reason I am
asking is are there any others music lovers that have had a chance to here either the E4s or the
880s . I am retiring and when I get up my system is
on till I go to bed. And yes before you ask my wife
says at least 10 times a day turn it down. If you haven’t heard the New Crimson it’s truly the only
other product except Naim that has the timing correct. You-can have the best kit in the world that
plays all of the notes but without timing they just
don’t play music. Naim and Crimson so far are the
only products I have ever heard that have the timing down. Crimson has now gone beyond the
timing and is now the closets thing to live music.
Also I use a Linn Ecos Reson moving coil and the
new Origin Linn motor thats DC with a new power
supply and belt and oil. And yes it’s better then my
Naim Armageddon. And no I won’t sell it spent to
many years like an old friend. If anyone has any questions please feel free I would love to talk real
Music and right now there are just 2 companies
Naim and Crimson. Oh I have a pair of used Tocaros. Took some time about 10 seconds before
I realized these truly play real music. Plus they have
a wooden tweeter there called the 42s and I just
Heard they have a new F driver. But after spending
a lot on the 880 better not push my luck.
Keep enjoying your music


I have lusted after the Crimson Electronics, too. Their cables are also worth a listen. The poor man’s NACA5. Check them out.

Where do you buy Crimson equipment now?
Google doesn’t seem particularly helpful.
I’ve had 630D and 640D monoblocks in the past and still have a 610C pre amp acting as a phone stage in my jukebox.
The 610 is very tuneful. I quite like the idea of a more refined but still as tuneful version of the 610.

I had a 6xx combo decades back
They were good+ but I clearly preferred my Naim amps

Would be interested hearing their status now.

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