Cross fingers I may have some money coming in

looking at speakers .

I am very tempted by ATC SCM40A active speakers - but also like the Proac D30R’s.

There does not seem to be many dealers that stock both - my dealer for naim does not have ATC.

I could trade in my speakers and my NAP200DR - or upgrade to NAP250DR or even NAP300DR - but the issue is i cant see how i will get a demo of my 272/XPSDR with the ATC.

Just interested in the community view on active.

Type in ‘ATC Active’ in the search box and over 150 threads pop-up. This topic has been discussed and there is information available. Also a review or two with the 272 and active speakers that you can find via a search on the internet.

My dealer has sold a few pairs of the ACT active speakers to replace the Naim power amp and reports positive feedback from customers.

It certainly isn’t virgin territory and a demo at a ATC dealer should be in your future and hopefully a home demo as well.

@Willmac - I’ve just ordered some SCM40A’s having demo’d a range of speakers and amps. Lucky for me my local dealer carries Naim, ATC, Proac and also PMC. I didn’t listen to the D30Rs, but did hear the D20Rs. Good speakers, but I preferred the SMC40s (passive) and loved the SMC40As. The mids on the ATCs are the stand-out feature, so anything that’s vocal-led is beautiful.

Still deciding on what to partner with the ATCs, but likely to go for a Auralic Altair, either G1 or G2.1. Your 272 should be a great match with them.

I also found the ATCs quite forgiving in their positioning when I did a home demo. Some other floor standers were more picky in their placement.

Hi @Willmac, where are you located? I got my SCM40As from Acoustica in Chester, who stock Naim and ATC. I started with an in-store demo then tried them at home. There are a number of other dealers around the UK who also stock Naim and ATC or you could take your 272 and XPS along to the shop. However, in your position I’d be tempted to wait just a little longer – there’s lots of hints around – to see if a 272.2 emerges. Perhaps it might even have balanced XLR output, the preferred connection method for the ATCs.

I think the ATCs are superb and they’re the one part of my system(s) I would not change unless perhaps for SCM50s.


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Many thanks - been looking at the theads - feedback is v positive

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This is really useful - many thanks!

Heard a lot about a “new 272” but not banking on it.
Speakers is my priority.
I am I Hampshire and I have am excellent dealer - but not an ATC stockist - so will need to travel!

Another very content Active ATC 40 user here and like Peakman I can’t see me changing unless I go up the range . They will work well with your 272 and there’s a great review by Jason Kennedy for Hifi Plus of the bare 272 with Active 40s . A quick google will take you that review .

D30R’s will sound magical with your 200DR.

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Can you ask the ATC dealer if you can bring along your 272/XPSDR for the demo? Bet your not the first to do something like this.

I would suggest taking not just the 270 but also your speakers, so you have a baseline for comparison given that it is a different room from yours. All you have to do is ask the dealer in advance when booking the demo.

I have taken large/heavy IMF speakers to demos at several dealers for comparison, also taken my own source and amp. None has ever refused or even queried.

Thanks for all your advice.
Money not it yet but found a dealer that has all,
Will have to take speakers and NAP200DR anyway as they will be traded in if i go active speakers.

Still hard to know the future - where do the active speakers no longer be the best?
If you ever get to naim 500 level - what speakers +500DR would beat ATC-40A ?

If the bass goes low enough for you, the 40A may be hard to beat. Otherwise ATC 100A or 150A - staying with the huge benefits of active!

If looking high, with, say, a Chord Dave DAC you wouldn’t need a preamp if you don’t have analogue sources - you’d just need a front end to feed the DAC, whether an NDX2 as some use, albeit with a redundant DAC, or one of many alternatives depending on functions wanted etc.

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