Crossroads Guitar Festival 2023

Just wondered if anyone else was going to the Crossroads Guitar Festival this weekend in Los Angeles?

I guess nobody.

Would if I could Zac😁


I think I read that you can watch it live online?

Should have had a charabang trip!

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Yes they are, pay per view.

Well certainly (sadly) not Robbie Robertson who is on the bill poster.


I don’t go to concerts involving Eric Clapton anymore since he has taken to playing in the dark without stage lights.

So he plays in the dark? I’ll take pictures (unless it’s too dark).

Serious line up imho. Love to see some of these guys.

Great line up - I’d go if it was this side of the pond.


It’s a great line-up, without wishing to sound that cynical, I am surprised that many of them are till alive

Buddy Guy had to pull out but what’s left is pretty impressive. The way I look at it is that it’s going to be a pretty good way to spend a few days. Plus at my age I love that the “festival” is being held indoors (from 4pm till 11ish) I’m am too old for outdoor festivals. Also Ed Sheeran is playing one of his smaller venue shows on Friday night and I’ll be there.

Strange, EC looks well lit to me

Yes but when he played in Munich, he didn’t have the huge LCD behind the stage and the only lights that were on were the lamp shade / sitting room type lights that he used at the Crossroads festival so the only lighting was from above, the players’ faces were unlit and the whole atmosphere was fairly gruesome.

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I’ve checked out a couple of videos from Munich '22 and the lighting does seem to be style over substance. I can see things being disappointing if one had not seen EC before, that’s for sure.

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I have seen E.C. roughly 10 times over the last 40 years or so, the concerts ranging from magnificent (capacity of 2000 Dublin stadium) to god-awful-sounding football stadium to two RAH gigs in his “living room”, so I was open for surprises.
You are right about expectations though: a friend wanted to see the legend before it was too late and was devastated at the miserable show that dark night on stage in Munich.

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I’m up to around 16/17 shows stretching back to '77 and never disappointed, however, I feel for your friend and his understandable frustration :+1:

Lighting played no part at the Crossroad Guitars Festival, it was fine.