Crossword clueless, or a load of r's

Yep, it’s very neat.

Long time no see?

Yep, I’m afraid so. Well done.

I just worked it out, without realising that Dozey had written the answer immediately above this, and that you had confirmed it.

I thought you simply hadn’t seen each other for a while. D’oh.

How about:?

Potty train (4)

Trump’s obsession with work strike (6)

First is loco. I need to work on the second!

Second one is wallop, that made me smile.

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You’ve all taken my rant and gone for a civilised discussion. Fair enough. As long as you start pronouncing your “r’s.” :grinning:

In a sh*t position, being a resident without entitlement? (9)

(The original Private Eye crossword did not need/have an asterisk) Talking of which:

Uranium poo container takes hospital down (7)

No one got the “Three swans…” one yet?

I’m thinking squatter, but that’s only 8 letters.

Well three swans is an anagram of the answers, so I’m guessing the answer is anagram.

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And a more ‘sh*t position’ would be ‘squatting’…

Oh yes, of course! It’s always easier to think clues through when you have a real crossword in front of you, I think.

Well done!

Oh I like this one, unhappy.


China ends red Revolution (7) …



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Any prize on the bottom shelf for that man …

In the Naim world, that’s probably a 500Ps or a 500 head unit, not to be sneezed at.

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Doctor hated curtains (5)

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