Curious gaps in playback

I just purchased three Naim streaming products:
1x Uniti Nova
2x Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation

I get inconsistent gaps in music playback. I’m not sure what to do to troubleshoot. I’ve tried rebooting/resetting, but that doesn’t seem to fix the problem consistently. Any thoughts?


When you say gaps do you mean gaps in live shows such as a non continuous playing album or stops and starts during songs?

Hi, more information is needed before we could guess at a diagnosis.
Are you streaming? If yes, is this tidal or qobuz or local files? If the latter, what is the upnp software and file storage setup?

Both Tidal and Spotify.
I have 1Gb Fiber to the house - low latency.

Stops and starts during recorded songs.

Gigabit fiber wan connection.
Sophos UTM as the central firewall/security infrastructure.
The network is segmented into discreet nets for security purposes with higher risk items isolated from my personal net, so my personal network with the Naim products has few devices: cell phone, 1 computer, a Roomba etc…

I’ll add that my TV’s stream 4k without difficulty using the same network hardware (though different IP net) which is 15 Mb/s. I think the highest bandwidth usage of Tidal is something similar, but I haven’t seen anything like this much traffic when monitoring.

Here are a couple of easy things you might try.
Does the status light on the back of the Qb change colour when the drop out occurs and does the screen on the Focal-Naim app show any problem?
Continuously monitor the network status with a computer connected to the same subnet starting with a simple ping command back to the router and/or the source device using a packet size that creates sufficient load. If the network itself is unfaltering the source must be suspect.

Run a temporary network cable straight from your internet router to one of your Naim devices. See if the dropouts still occur.

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