Curious , is anyone using ND555 without naim pre or amp?

is anyone using ND555 without naim pre or amp ?

I’m sure there are folks here who do. I’m pretty sure the ND555 is one of What HiFi’s reference sources, they would not typically partner it with Naim amplification, in fact they have a page that lists their reference system, ND555, plus 555PS, Burmester 088/911 pre and power.

French Rooster of this parish runs a NDS into non Naim pre, Naim power IIRC

Why do you ask? :slight_smile:

yes, I checked a lot of reviews from WHAT HIFI. That is there reference system.
Because I’m using a ND555 with 2 power supplies in a non naim system myself.
Want to know what other users hear from their systems.

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