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Hi all,
My Nait5i went back to Naim HQ on May 20th for a service and I’m still waiting to get it back. If anyone’s had an item serviced lately I’d be interested to hear how long it took.
Mine’s been gone 2 days shy of 7 weeks, which seems a tad long to me despite the current difficulties.
Steve O

You should get your dealer to ask Naim. When I had a very long delay on a service last autumn, it turned out that my less than stellar dealer had taken nearly two weeks to get the thing back to Naim. And then after Naim had serviced it, it sat for nearly another week in the dealer’s goods inward heap because no-one there could work out whose it was for reasons that I gave up trying to understand.

More recently when I had something else serviced, I reckon it was about 3 weeks from factory door to factory door, but this must depend on availability of parts.


When my 282 had to go back to Salisbury, my dealer booked the slot with naim and only got me to bring it to him when naim were ready. Allowing me to use 282 until it went away. That meant I was without it for 6 days. Worth getting dealers to use that approach.


I rang my dealer when it hit the 4 week mark so Naim have had it nearly 3 weeks at the very least. My dealer didn’t say how long he’d had it before sending it to Naim but he didn’t say it’ll be a while yet as I’ve only just sent it either.
Just glad it’s from my 2nd system, I’d be climbing the walls if it was out of the main rig.

My NAP 300 is booked in for August for a service and dr birthday. Dealer contacted Naim who said 10 day turn around

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Fingers crossed for you on that one. My dealer said 2-3 weeks when I dropped it off …

Got to as good as thier word

I guess you might be following the New Dealer thread with great interest….

I took my Nat 02 to my dealer in Epsom on May 28th and I received a call on Tuesday to say that it was ready for collection. Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow.

Cheers, Steve


I wonder if the semiconductor shortage that is impacting the supply of new Naim products is also hitting the service department? I need to send my 252 back for a very minor procedure but will wait until this period of disruption is over I think.

Your dealer should know the status as well as anyone. They’ll have the RMA number and can call Naim to check on it.

I sent my 282, SuperCap and 250 to Darren at Class A on 10 June so they would have been ready for work week beginning 14 Jun.

But Darren has suffered the same parts shortage as Naim. I believe some of the components used actually go through Naim for quality / matching checks before getting to Class A.

My kit will be on its way back to Oxfordshire in a few days. So nearly 5 weeks. Not bad at all considering all the troubles.

A good dealer should be able to time the delivery to Naim to allow for speedy turnaround. I had a Hi-Line repair organised last year; the dealer asked me to bring it in on a certain day to meet the arranged collection. It was back home plugged in in less than a week.

A personal apology to Darren at Class A for my constant pestering!


If I don’t get the Nait back this week I’ll get my dealer to chase up as that will be six weeks since he sent it.
Could @Naim.Marketing advise on how long a Nait5i service should take please? Starting to worry it’s been lost in transit …

Your dealer is best to ask - there are no set times for any particular piece of equipment. As others have noted, a dealer may have received a product back along with other orders/kit - always best to check it’s not already back!

If not, dealers have a hotline into our service team - shouldn’t take them long to give an update.


Thank you Clare.

Give him a ring today!

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My 52 & SC have just returned from being serviced by Naim - just over 4 weeks from drop off to collection which is the same as my dealer expected.

Have just picked the Nait up from my dealer. Happy.

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