Custom SNAIC cable to phono preamp

I’m currently considering alternative phono preamps to Stageline for using with my NAC 152 XS. It has a powered DIN phono plug and I’m guessing it’s rated 24 vdc (unless it’s AC?) and 200 mA. If this is correct, can I build a custom cable with DIN 240 5-pin connector on one end and stereo RCA plugs plus a breakout power cable with the barrel connector to feed something like Graham Slee Reflex (also rated at 24 vdc and 200 mA) on the other end? Or Musical Surroundings Phenomena that has similar power input rating?

Does this make sense or is there something I’m not seeing? I’m not sure if wattage comes into play here as well but none of the power supplies here list it except Phenomena @ 18W.

Reflex can be ordered with a nice standalone LPS but, if it’s possible, I prefer keeping the simplicity of NAC 152 XS into Stageline single SNAIC connection. It will also save me a few hundred dollars…

Appreciate your input!

The AUX2 is designed to power a Naim phono stage - Stageline, Prefix or Superline, and nothing else. You should not use it to power equipment from a different brand as damage may well result.

Quite apart from that, any discussion of modifying or customising SNAICs falls outside of forum rules.