DAB FM modules

Hello, I have bought a secondhand NNT01 4 x tuner module off a well known auction site.
Does anyone know if these tuner modules pictured are comparable with an NDX MkI streamer? Can they just be inserted into chassis or will a software activation be required.
Any advice appreciated.
Cheers Stumpy

Hello & welcome JMS,

It’s not as simple as that I’m afraid, there is an extra interface involved too.
But I believe modification discussions are not allowed here anyway.


Stumpy, the NNT04 was a four zone tuner for Naimnet installations. Beyond that, best to contact Naim directly to see if they can be used elsewhere. That’s outside the scope of forum rules.

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OK, I did not realise that modifications of ones own equipment outside of manufacturers warranty period was not allowed on Forum.

Please read the forum rules, if you have not already done so. Thanks.

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