DAC 4pin to twin XLR

I have a DAC V1 and an Keces power amp. the output from the DAC is either RCA or 4pin din and the power amp has both RCA and XLR inputs. What is the best way of connecting the two? I was thinking along the lines of 4 pin to twin XLR, is the possible because I’m not sure about balanced and unbalanced connections.

Hi, the dac v1 output is not balanced so I don’t see a big advantage of using the xlr inputs. Rca both ends is obviously the simplest, or you could use 4 pin to twin rca but that’s likely to be a custom build ie not a standard configuration.


You will need a standard 4-pin (270 degrees arrangement) to RCA cable.
Direction: DIN to RCA.

naim is not balanced so no need for XLR cables.

In a domestic environment there is generally no need for balanced XLR connection - signal paths tend to be short and interference is not that great.

Hello Adam
Thanks for your reply, will there be an improvement if I go to 4 pin to RCA, I have RCA to RCA at the moment.

All else being the same, then typically yes, even using one DIN in place of a pair of RCA phonos will bring some benefits.

Most likely yes - if anything - it will be simpler to connect into your DAC V1 :slight_smile:
Whilst plugs do make a difference, the quality of the cable used is of paramount importance.

Could you suggest some cables?

I’d say - the best your budget would allow.

For your needs (a very specialised cable), there are probably two options: Naim’s own or Chord.

Have a look at Flashback cables too. They will be able to sort you out with exactly what you need.

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