Dac chord or naim

My current set up is NAIM 32.5/140 both serviced last month
NAD C516BEE cd player with MSB LINK DAC 3
KEF C80 speakers.
I want to buy CHORD QUTEST DAC as my MCB doesn’t have USB input.
Any recommedation between CHORD QUTEST and NAIM DAC?

What do you want to put into the usb?

The Qutest line output voltage can be set as 1, 2 or 3v the default is 1v, 1v would work very well with the 32.5 and give plenty of volume control on the 32.5


Have you tried a search? There are countless threads with endless views on these two DAC manufacturers.

Much as I like my TT2 I can’t help but wonder if the Qutest might be too forward for the Naim amplification in this instance? I can’t say more than that as I know nothing of the other suggestion.

When I owned the Qutest I occasionally used this with my Nait 2 worked a treat and I would go as far in saying it was the perfect source for the Nait also similar vintage to a 32.5.

I’m running a sqbox Duet in to a qutest and then into a Nait 2 CB.

Not harsh at all and much improves the Duet.

If you are considering a Naim NDAC it can’t use a USB digital output. You would need to use a USB to SPDIF converter (which you could also use with your existing DAC).

From what I read, the Naim DAC sounds decent when used alone but improves significantly when combined with the 555PS. Costly though. XPS DR is another cheaper alternative for the Naim DAC if you wish to consider a separate power supply for it.

The Chord DACs are mostly plug and play although there’s the M-scaler which take things up a notch.

I’m not sure about the sound signature of the Naim but the Chord DACs are well known for their 3-dimensional airy and detailed sound in comparison to most DACs out there, I suppose Naim inclusive. Other DACs may sound slightly flatter and 2-dimensional and show differences in other areas such as fuller and warmer midrange and bass etc. The Naim DAC was said to sound more groovy with an overall warmer presentation than Chord DACs in general.

The choice of DAC or the question of which is better, will mostly depend on listening preferences and is usually system dependent.

I use my desktop pc, wherein I have downloaded many Hi Res tracks from HD tracks etc. I would also use CHORD Quetest for connecting my NAD cd player. I have about 500 cds. Mostly I listen to western classical music. The dealer selling CHORD cannot give demo as they dont sell Hifi system. They sell only DAC and headphones. Chord is costing Indian Rs.1,10,000 i.e. about 1100 sterling pound.

You won’t be able to use the nDAC USB input to stream fro your desktop.

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