Dac firmware update trouble


The firmware update of my Dac, the frist one, has crashed.
Now the dac is locked with the 5 buttons lighted and I can not use it.

Do you know what I can do?

Have you tried putting the power cable off? Wait maybe 30 mn and switch on again.

Assuming an Naim DAC here? How long has it been since you started the update?

The update was too long more than 1 hour

Thanks, i try it right now

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Yes, it is the Dac naim, the first one

No change, still locked

Did you test the USB stick with some WAV files before doing the update?

Either way I think you should contact Naim Support and probably have to have to return to the factory.
I had a locked issue too when I got mine and it had to be fixed at the factory.

Yes, I have tested the usb stick, and i have contacted naim support also…
Thank you for your help

I’d only had mine one day, decided to do the firmware update and it didn’t go well so back to Naim it had to go. :neutral_face:
Naim replaced the logo and it arrived back in a spanking new box :+1:

Thank you Guinnless for sharing your experience.

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