DAC inside N272?

I’m asking about the DAC inside the N-272 pre/streamer. I’ve just bought one and if the DAC isn’t good enough I was thinking about a CD5X or CDX2.
I’m committed to red book cd and only stream for background listening.
I haven’t received the 272 yet, i’m just getting a plan together…

I would say an XPS would be essential!

I would get a 555 psu , the 272 will really sing, it has a fine dac stage.

Cheers Gaza, at the moment my may only stretch to a pre loved XPS.

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You might want to think about getting a nas and ripping your CDs. They will sound at least as good streamed to the 272 as using a CD player and very possibly better. You can then banish those horrid plastic boxes to the loft and reclaim your walls.


I’d agree with that. When I had a 272 I also had (still have) a CD5XS so was able to compare playing a CD using CD5XS as transport with the same CD ripped to QNAP NAS and streamed. To my ears the latter was better in both SQ and convenience. I didn’t find that surprising as I always thought of the primary role of the 272 as streaming local files.


That’s a very good point with a lot of positives.
I just love naim cd player and actually using disks.

Very helpful Roger, I haven’t had naim in my system for around 5 year’s, but naim is a very old friend that i keep coming back to.


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