DAC measurements

I have come across https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?forums/digital-audio-converters-dacs.10/, and I was shocked to see how different the results of measurements can be for different DACs of the same brand! See for instance the measurements for the Chord Qutest vs. those for the Chord Mojo.

Also (perhaps suspiciously?) it turns out that a number of rather well regarded DACs exhibit quite poor results from measurements!

Are the measurements presented at audiosciencereview relevant for sound quality? Do we have other documented attempts at measuring the performance of DACs in a halfway systematic way? Do we have similar measurements for the Naim DACs?

I generally like the measurements by John Atkinson from stereophile. Most, if not all are available on their website. I don’t think the Naim DAC is among the ones reviewed, but several others are. The ND5 XS being a recent example.

Very nice, thanks! The stereophile measurements look more consistent and perhaps also a bit more understandable than the audiosciencereview ones. Nice ND5 XS 2 review too!

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